Sarah Palin finds it hard to fight back tears as she deals with daughter Bristol's divorce from Dakota Meyer

Sarah Palin revealed that she is heartbroken about her daughter Bristol Palin's divorce from Dakota Meyer

                            Sarah Palin finds it hard to fight back tears as she deals with daughter Bristol's divorce from Dakota Meyer

Sarah Palin is hurting over her daughter Bristol's breakup from her ex Dakota Meyer. On Monday night's episode of the show 'Teen Mom OG' Sarah listened to how Meyer moved out from their shared bedroom in Texas after the breakup. 

As reported by People, 28-year-old Bristol was in Los Angeles for her son Tripp's 'Dancing with the Stars: Juniors rehearsals'. Bristol told Sarah, "When I came to Texas, Dakota had moved all my stuff into the guest bedroom." In response, a shocked Sarah asked, "The room that we sleep in? That bare, empty room?" Bristol confirmed, "My bed, all my belongings in this guest bedroom." 

Sarah Palin (Source: Getty Images)
Sarah Palin (Source: Getty Images)

Sarah replied, "And, of course, that was a symbolic thing" to which Bristol said, "Oh, 100 percent. So, I’m not comfortable with that. And I know in my divorce, it says I can stay in the house for a year, but it’s tough on the kids. Can you imagine Tripp coming home from California and seeing his mom’s stuff gone out of her room?"

The former Alaska governor then responded saying, "That’s heartbreaking, Bristol". "I know. [Dakota is] calling me and [saying], ‘I need my wedding ring back.’ It’s like, what? All this little stuff that is so petty. He literally said, ‘You better get your mommy’s money because I’m going to fight you tooth and nail until the girls are 18," Bristol added. 

The nasty comment made Sarah gasp as she shared, "This is so unnecessary". Bristol also spoke about how she was looking for a solution which would prevent Tripp from seeing all the chaos and sniping between her and Meyer. She shared that she had reached out to Tripp's father Levi Johnston and had requested him to take their son hunting in Alaska for a few days. 

Bristol explained, "Levi and his family are picking him up tomorrow just so I have some time to figure out my living situation in Austin. I refuse, refuse to let Tripp go to Austin under these circumstances." "That’s a perfect attitude. You have a choice in how you’re going to react to the circumstances. So does [Dakota] though," Sarah said.

Bristol also admitted how she and her ex were "going to learn to communicate as co-parents and putting our kids first and not having these petty arguments or going through our attorneys on pointless stuff that is costing us both money" when Sarah started to tear up and said, "I’m not going to start crying about it, but …"

"Even if the rest of the world doesn’t know, your family knows who you are and what you have within you. You have everything going for you to start anew," Sarah added. 

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Bristol and Dakota called off their wedding in May 2015 but got back together and got married in the year 2016. Meyer filed for divorce in February this year and they finalized it earlier this summer.