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How did Sarah Everard die? Body found near Kent woodland confirms tragic death after shocking involvement of cop

Human body remains were found on Wednesay near the home of arrested police officer Wayne Couzens who is suspected for her kidnap and murder
Sarah Everard (Twitter / Metropolitan Police)
Sarah Everard (Twitter / Metropolitan Police)

In a shocking and heartbreaking turn of events with the Sarah Everard disappearance case, police have now confirmed that the human body remains found earlier in the Kent woodland belong to Sarah Everard, according to the latest reports. Upon identification, Everard's family was informed of the “most distressing news” as people across the world mourned her tragic death. 

Meanwhile, Metropolitan police officer Wayne Couzens — who was arrested as the prime suspect of 33-year-old Everard's murder — continues to remain in custody as detectives carry on further interrogation. Her body was found on Wednesday in a woodland near Ashford. Detectives are combing through Couzens's home and garden in Deal and the Ashford woodland where the 33-year-old's body was first discovered.

The police have also launched an extensive search through the network of military tunnels under Couzens's family garage. 


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Sarah Everard (Twitter)

How did Sarah Everard die?

It is still under investigation how exactly Sarah Everard was murdered after she mysteriously vanished from Clapham Junction in London. On March 3, around 9 pm, she was returning from a friend's house to her home in Brixton. Reports say she was talking to her boyfriend Josh Lowth minutes before she vanished.

Soon afterward, 48-year-old Met police officer Wayne Couzens was arrested on suspicion of her kidnapping and subsequent murder. He was arrested from his home in Deal, Kent, over 60 miles away from Everard's last location. It is near his home that Everard's body remains were discovered on Wednesday.

Wayne Couzens (Twitter)

Did Wayne Couzens kidnap and murder Sarah Everard?

Although the probe is still ongoing to confirm Couzens as the prime culprit, it is believed by many that he kidnapped and abducted Everard while she was walking home alone. Later, he is believed to have murdered her, before disposing of her body. The motive behind the horrific abduction and murder is yet to be ascertained by the investigators.

Meanwhile, Couzens was found unconscious in his cell on Wednesday, March 10, with head injuries. He was treated briefly in intensive care at a South London hospital. As per the latest reports, he is back in his cell and is being questioned on suspicion of kidnapping and murdering Everard, informs DailyMail.

Sarah Everard (Sarah Everard/Twitter)

Was Sarah Everard raped?

The police have not yet confirmed any evidence of rape, but speculations are already rife that Everard was possibly raped by Couzens before being killed.

"Why don't you & the BBC NAME the murderer? His name is Wayne Couzens and he deserves to have his name splashed across the news media. The sicko even exposed his genitals to a female worker at a McDonalds restaurant in London three days before Sarah Everard went missing," wrote one Twitter user, speaking about Couzens' past allegation of indecent exposure.

"Met Police Officer officially named Wayne Couzens from Kent working in London kidnapped, potentially raped (phone contained indecent images) and murdered Sarah Everard. The force potentially has many sex predators and paedophiles and The Met do well to cover them," wrote another user.

One user asked, "What would be the appropriate punishment/sentence for the criminal who raped and murdered Sarah Everard?"




The shocking circumstances prompted women across UK to raise concerns about their safety and security. Women have taken over social media to share their harrowing experiences with sexual assault and rape with the hashtag #TooManyWomen, #SarahEverard, and #ReclaimTheNight.

"Sarah Everard situation is chilling. My cousin was raped and broad daylight. I was 18, she was 19. My uncle sent me (and my brother) money, pleading with us to use it for taxis, phone calls, if we ever felt unsafe. That alone broke me," recalled one woman.

Another wrote, "#TooManyWomen I've too many stories. I had a chat with my 9 year old son tonight. It went well. Talk to your boys. Start the conversation now. Start the change now. Start the education now. #ReclaimTheNight #ReclaimTheStreets #curfewformen"



In a Twitter thread, this user narrated her painful ordeal with rape by a man in London. 

"(1/10) This whole #saraheverard thing has me shook. Here is #mystorymatters and my experience with the #metpolice when a man in London drove past me and pulled my card, followed me, made his way into my apartment behind me and raped me. I’m lucky to be alive, many aren’t as lucky."


Footage taken from a doorbell camera was the last evidence of Everard walking alone along the A205 Poynder Road towards Tulse Hill. This was reported at 9.30 pm that day. She was heading to her house in Brixton.

In a televised statement, Dame Cressida had confirmed that cops had "found, very sadly, what appears to be human remains". The Met Police commissioner continued: "Sarah's disappearance in these awful and wicked circumstances is every family's worst nightmare."

"I know Londoners will want to know that it is thankfully incredibly rare for a woman to be abducted from our streets," she said, adding, "But I completely understand that despite this, women in London and the wider public - particularly those in the area where Sarah went missing — will be worried and may well be feeling scared."