Rising artist Sarah Kays talks about her debut EP 'A House Too Big' and her plans on becoming a full-time musician

From playing the guitar at 12 to writing her own songs, Kays is now awaiting the listeners' response to her newly released EP 'A House Too Big'

                            Rising artist Sarah Kays talks about her debut EP 'A House Too Big' and her plans on becoming a full-time musician

Singer-songwriter Sara Kays is on the verge of making her mark in the music industry. The 19-year-old self-taught lyricist  began playing the guitar and singing when she was merely 12, “I think at that point I knew I wanted to do music for the rest of my life but it wasn’t until I was around 16 that I knew I wasn’t going to settle for anything else.” Kays, realizing the impossible connection music can bring to listeners, has been translating her passion into an experience for her audience ever since.

Kays started sharing original covers on social media and her talent did not go unnoticed. The attention she gained was surreal.  After getting reposted by popular singing pages on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, Kays went viral. Through this exposure, she gained a committed fan base and sparked a following. Recently, the rising artist had been focused on her debut 'A House Too Big' which released September 1. Kays was both nervous and excited about her release, really hoping her fans are able to find something to connect to. Kays says the EP has an overall sad vibe with sprinkles of joy throughout,  'A House Too Big' is kind of short for ‘a house too big to be alone.’ It's like when you're alone in a house or wherever and it just makes it seem so much bigger. The title most resonates with the song ‘Family’ on the EP.”

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IT'S HERE!! i can't believe it. This is a clip of "family" off the EP. links in my story/bio to listen to the whole thing!! hope you enjoy💜 #AHouseTooBig

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In an exclusive telephonic conversation with Meaww, Kays reveals her journey as a musician and how she intends on establishing herself as one. 

Let's rewind to the very beginning, please tell us about your journey in music. How did it all begin?

I first started playing when I was just 12. My mom got me a guitar and then I started writing a year later when I was 13. I realized how much I liked it. Although in the past I did not find my sound, and I have been just figuring out what I wanted to sound like. So between 13 and now, I have been playing at a number of gigs and playing covers. So now I am shifting to originals. 

You are a self-taught lyricist, right! Could you tell us about the first song you wrote?

I was 13 probably when I wrote the first song. It was just called one minute. And the song was about me...so that's really cheesy (laughs). 


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sang some originals last night for the songwriter contest at the @rockntaco & i'm headed for the finals i suppose⚡️⚡️

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What inspires you the most when writing a song? Do you write the song with your taste and leaning in mind, or do you have a particular kind of audience in mind?

I think it is always different. I usually first start by playing the chord progression, although I try to not always go to minor but then I write mostly sad songs. So yeah, that happens. The melodies are all in my head, and I never do the vocals first. I write what I feel. Like 'Rich Boy', although it was not about my life that one was a story. I like coming up with stories. 

What do you think the listeners will find the most appealing about your songs?

I try to make every song very different. I hope people will be able to relate to them as I relate to them. I hope people find it healing and they feel something. 

Building up a career in music can be difficult sometimes. How do you plan on establishing yourself as a full-time musician?

I will be going to school for music, so I think that I am taking the steps. I am doing everything that I can right now. I guess all I want to do is playing shows. But overall it is a big process, and stressful, and truly, I am up for it. 



Who have been your greatest inspirations when it comes to songwriting?

I really like Shawn Mendes, and I think he is pretty great. Then, Alex Benjamin, he is really incredible. There are so many more artists and they are all very inspiring. 

Let's come to your EP now. Could you tell us about the title of your EP, how did you come up with that title?

The tile mostly goes along with the track that I wrote two years ago. It's called 'Family'. So the title goes along with the lyrics from that song. 

How many songs can we expect from the EP? And which one is your favorite amongst them?

That's a hard one...although the songs are not very different from each other. 'Rich Boy' is lyrically my favorite. It really feels them up.

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it was cold🙂 new video tomorrow, see u then

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Could you walk us through the production process? What was the biggest difficulty that you faced while producing your music?

Over the years I tried to get the album produced, but it has never really worked. I am a perfectionist, you see. I met my friend who graduated from Berkeley. We connected over social media and I asked her if we could record 'Rich Boy'. She was up for it. The part I have most struggled with is the extra instrumentation, that is the hard part. It makes the vocals difficult to come up with. 

What are your future plans?

I am just planning on keeping recording music, and I am already recording the next song.