Sara Echeagaray: 5 unknown facts about TikTok star hired by beauty brand trying to reach Gen Z

Sara Echeagaray: 5 unknown facts about TikTok star hired by beauty brand trying to reach Gen Z
Sara Echeagaray hired by beauty brand (saraecheagaray/ TikTok)

Sara Echeagaray, a TikTok celebrity, has been hired by a cosmetic firm trying to reach Gen Z. She is carving out a significant role for herself in the cosmetics sector and has been hired by Estee Lauder-owned Too Faced. 

She has 301K followers on Instagram and 7.7 followers on TikTok. She uses a combination of comedy, challenge, and lifestyle content. She is also a YouTuber and has amassed 513K followers on the platform.


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5 unknown facts about Sara Echeagaray

1. First creative director in residence at Too Faced

Echeagaray is Too Faced's first Creative Director in Residence, and she will give her input to the brand's product development team. She will also work with Too Faced on photoshoots and social media updates, Tubefilter reported.


@saraecheagaray Introducing you to the new Creative Director in Residence of Too Faced 🤭 @toofaced #toofaced #toofacedpartner ♬ original sound - sara


2. Rumors and controversy

It is clear that there has been a lot of misinformation propagated about Echeagaray. Because of jealously and envy, her detractors have fabricated stories to bring her down. Echeagaray, on the other hand, has never given it any thought. Echeagaray's admirers and followers prefer that she focuses on positivity and love. She has done a good job of keeping herself out of issues to this day.


3. Family background and dating life

Echeagaray was born in the United States on October 4, 2001. Sara is of multiracial descent. She appears to be reticent about her family background. She has not mentioned her parents till now. Echeagaray is currently unmarried. She is not currently dating anyone and is considered single. There is no knowledge of any of her past relationships.

4.  Skin care

Echeagaray uses only one product on her skin. "It is a body wash, that is all I use. I don't use serums, I do use moisturizer — it's very rare when I do," she said before explaining that she limits her skincare routine to Native's Cucumber & Mint Body Wash to avoid irritation and breakouts, Seventeen revealed.




5.  Signed with talent agency WME

Echeagaray began using TikTok during her senior year of high school. She signed with the talent agency WME at the age of 18 and has subsequently pursued many chances outside of social media. Most notably, she was cast in the Disney+ series 'Big Shot', starring John Stamos. That experience has provided her with more opportunity to share her beauty routine with the rest of the globe.

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 Sara Echeagaray: 5 unknown facts about TikTok star hired by beauty brand trying to reach Gen Z