A sneak peek into the musical journey and career of singer Sandro Cavazza

Swedish singer and songwriter, Sandro Cavazza shares some deep insights into his musical journey so far! He also told Meaww when he will be seeing more of his work

                            A sneak peek into the musical journey and career of singer Sandro Cavazza
Sandro Cavazza (Source : Getty Images)

Swedish singer and songwriter, Sandro Cavazza is no newcomer and has written alongside many notable artists such as Avicii as well as Lost Frequencies. He even released a self-debut EP in the year 2017 and showcases his work which explores some of his deepest personal experiences. 

Cavazza's hit single 'High With Somebody' followed another hit single 'Without You' which was released on Avicii's new EP last year. Sandro had an interesting story to share about the story behind 'High With Somebody'. "High With Somebody is inspired by a guy I knew when I was living in LA. He had everything but didn’t feel happy about it. "High With Somebody" is the longing for 'someone' who gets you emotionally."


He also revealed that 'High With Somebody' was one of his favorite tracks, "since it’s the latest release and the most positive song I have ever written."

Coming to the stories and the inspiration behind other songs from his EP, he stated: "The whole album was almost like a self-portrait of the person that I had been, what I had been through until that day. I had a lot of emotions I wanted to process. 'Don’t hold me' was based on a relationship that I had, where you essentially find out that you have to break up and help each other move on. 

"What Kinda Man is based on my reflections of being a man in society, it’s questioning what 'masculinity' actually is to me. 'What It feels Like' is about building expectations and realizing that you can’t predict how you will feel about the future. 'So Much Better' was like turning a page in my life when I realized I deserved something better." 


When it came to producing the EP, Sandro shares that he certainly had the help and support of a dedicated and loyal team. "There are quite a few people on that EP. Sebastian Furrer from Cazette, Carl Ask, Humble & Bliss and Dhani Lennevald. They all did their part for the songs.

"It was really great finishing the tracks with them. I always have my creative input, being a control freak, so it is always great to work with people who will listen without following your every idea, I knew what I wanted the songs to feel like and bounced ideas with them when I felt the songs were lacking. They are awesome for keeping up with me," said Sandro about his team. 

When it comes to influences and role models in the industry Sandro was pretty clear with his choice and let in how he believes that Chris Martin is someone who he looks up to and would love to collaborate with. He also revealed his inspirations, "There are so many great artists and musicians that have inspired me. Some singers that have changed me fundamentally are Bon Iver who inspired me a lot when I had my Vocal Nodes, Freddie Mercury and Kurt Elling. Kurt Elling is one of the best male vocalists ever, he is on a different level."

He also spoke about his experience working with Avicii and said, "Tim is an amazing person and Producer/Songwriter. He loves melodies and songs, and that’s where we really connected. I loved working with him, endless inspiration."

"I love a lot of different music. Often I listen to songs, I obsess songs, once I biked across Sweden, from the east coast to the west coast, and I ONLY listened to Violet Hill by Coldplay for 5 days straight. But just as much as I love lyrics I also have a classical background as well," he said, sharing a link to one of his favorite playlists.

As an artist, Sandro has also been through his fair share of challenges and obstacles. "Having Vocal Nodes is never a friend in terms of recording, being professional about that, sleeping well, no alcohol, living healthy etc. it’s hard to keep good routines. Also battling my feeling of always wanting to write new songs instead of finishing up is hard sometimes, song-writing takes like five hours and production takes five weeks," he revealed. 

Sandro also had his own preferences and choices in terms of digital music vs vinyl music and believes that despite the amazing and beautiful sound of vinyl, digital wins as you can listen to it anywhere and anytime. Talking about on music streaming, he opined: "Tough question. I do think it is harmful that it is so single based nowadays, it may harm artists, by not allowing them to have a non-commercial record before starting to chase top 50."

Sandro is now looking forward to being able to do a duet and will have some tracks ready by this fall. "I promise you guys a wonderful duet, and I will have some songs for this fall that I hope you guys will love!!," the eager artist shared.