Police shoot man wanted for robbery in San Diego, Internet alleges they killed another 'unarmed black man'

Reports suggested that the San Diego Police Department shot a 26-year-old Hispanic man who was a robbery suspect. However, the internet has a theory that these reports are false

                            Police shoot man wanted for robbery in San Diego, Internet alleges they killed another 'unarmed black man'
(San Diego Police Department)

On Saturday, June 27), San Diego Police officers shot and wounded a man who was reportedly a robbery suspect. The police reported that the man was a 26-year-old Hispanic male on 1200 6th Ave. "Today at 5.48 pm, officers saw a 25yo Hispanic male on 1200 6th Ave. The man was wanted for robbery on 6-21-20. The man pointed a gun & 2 officers discharged their service weapons. He was struck & taken to a local hospital. A gun has been recovered. Homicide Unit arriving," they wrote about the incident. 

They further wrote, "Video footage from a business captured the incident. Here is a still image from that camera along with a photo of the gun at the scene. Homicide unit investigators are arriving on the scene to conduct an investigation." The man who was shot is reportedly named Leo. While the police reports claim that it was a Hispanic man, twitter alleges that they are not telling the truth. 

One user wrote, "SDPD is saying they shot an armed 25 y/o Hispanic male wanted for robbery, meanwhile folks on the ground are saying the victim is an unarmed 18 y/o black man accompanied by his pregnant girlfriend." 

"He didn’t even know what was going on. They told him to stop, he turned around, when he turned back around to take a step or two they just opened fire on him. He never had a weapon, he never threatened them. SAN DIEGO POLICE JUST MURDERED SOMEONE," an eye witness recalled the event. 

Meanwhile, others were furious that another black unarmed man was shot. "I was scared to see why SDPD was trending and sure enough it's because they shot and killed another unarmed black man... THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!!!!!!" read the comment. While the department has not commented on this, the internet has been asking the department to release the footage from the body cam to prove their innocence. 

"I am not calling for anything but the prompt release of the body cam footage so we can know one way or the other," read one comment while another questioned the pictures released as the comment read, "SDPD telling on themselves lmfaooooo How could he point a gun at them if it’s 1) on the ground, 2) he’s not facing them and 3) his hands are in the air?"

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