'Same Time, Next Christmas' Review: The perfect dose of festive romance that you need to watch with your soulmate RIGHT NOW

'Same Time, Next Christmas' Review: The perfect dose of festive romance that you need to watch with your soulmate RIGHT NOW
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The universe has a funny way of bringing people together just to pull them apart when things are about to get real, maybe for good or for the worst. ABC just premiered its original film 'Same Time, Next Christmas' and if you're planning to watch this film, keep a box of tissues handy.

Set in the backdrop of the pristine beaches of Hawaii with the most mesmerizing sunsets, this film is a visual treat. The plot revolves around the lives of Olivia and Jeff who meet in Hawaii when they are five.

They are highly competitive in their own way and that's how they bond over time. As the years go by, visiting a particular resort in Hawaii during Christmas becomes a sort of Holiday tradition for both families.  

Jeff and Olivia do all sorts of crazy stuff together like plunging off the rocks into the ocean, playing truth or dare, making sandcastles and walking on the beach barefoot among many other adorable things.

All these things draw them closer and they seem to be falling in love with each other. Then, one Christmas, Jeff's family does not turn up because his mother passes away and after that, the families drifted apart.

Since then Olivia has not seen Jeff or even heard from him. She thought they were in love, but it seemed only a shortlived romance.  As they lose contact, both of them move on, or so we are made to believe.

As luck would have it, they bump into each other at the same resort 15 years later and sparks fly once again between the two. So much has changed since they last met and it is surprising that they still recognized each other.

While Olivia is busy bonding with Jeff, her parents give us major couple goals! If you ever want to grow old and enjoy life with your loved one, you may want to take some inspiration from Olivia's parents. They're such an adorable pair who are still in love with each other. 

While her parents are playing cupid and helping Olivia gain clarity about her feelings for Jeff, the universe has other plans for them as Jeff's wife calls him back to Vermont and he leaves Olivia hanging once again.

He has broken her heart twice so far, but this time Karma got him really bad as Olivia happens to be in a committed relationship with Greg. While Jeff is literally throwing himself at her, she is giving him the cold shoulder he deserves.



Greg, meanwhile, happens to be a very annoying character who is a perfect misfit in the family. He hates beaches, detests walking on the sand barefoot and does not like tropical weather. All he cares about is his business propositions, meetings and clients.

Instead of spending time bonding with Olivia and her family, he chooses to seclude her and take her to a dinner date with the motive of proposing to her.

There is a lot of steam blowing between Olivia and Jeff, and he has no clue. Even when they are at their rehearsal dinner, he can't stop talking about their empire and business deals. 

He never expresses his love to her or compliment her for the way she looks! That man seriously did not deserve to be with this amazing woman.  

In the end, true love is worth fighting for and people deserve another chance to make amends. It doesn't seem fair for Jeff to ditch Olivia twice in the past, but now that she is engaged to Greg, he wants her back. We know he regrets letting her go before. 


So who will Olivia marry in the end? Will it be the business maniac Greg or will she follow her heart and go to her soulmate, Jeff? 

Watch the film to find out who gets their happily ever after! Catch the premiere of 'Same Time, Next Christmas' on the ABC Network on December 5 at 8 pm.

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