'Same Time, Next Christmas' Preview: Will the miracle of Christmas succeed in uniting two long lost childhood sweethearts?

Jeff is heartbroken and longs for Olivia who is currently with her new boyfriend. But as they spend time together, their old flame is rekindled. Will the soulmates come together in the end?

                            'Same Time, Next Christmas' Preview:  Will the miracle of Christmas succeed in uniting two long lost childhood sweethearts?
Phil Morris, Candace Smith, Dannah Lockett & Charles Michael Davis (Source: IMDb)

The countdown to Christmas has already begun and everyone is in a rush to be with their loved ones, be it family or a special one. The season calls for love and everything to do with warm fuzzy feelings and butterflies in your stomach since Christmas is the celebration of being with the ones you love.

Based on this loose plotline, ABC is coming up with a wonderful feel-good Christmas Original Special film titled 'Same Time, Next Christmas'. 

Everything seems to be going rather well in the life of Olivia because she has a perfect boyfriend, a job that pays well, and a family that goes for a fun vacation each Christmas.

She decides to join her family for a vacation in Hawaii. In fact, she looks forward to relaxing on the pristine beaches and make the most out of that trip. Little does she know that she would be bumping into her childhood sweetheart, Jeff.

She remembers that their families have been coming to this resort for Christmas since they were six years old. 

As they spend time together, unknowingly, they rekindle their old flame and it begins to complicate their lives. Every time they look into each other's eyes sparks fly and they come closer to each other.

Jeff even tells her that she's the one that got away. It is evident that they are still deeply in love with each other and, perhaps back then, it was the wrong place and wrong time that may have separated the two. 

Meanwhile, the childhood sweethearts are bonding over mad fun and doing silly things together with all the old feelings kicking in and becoming quite overwhelming for the two of them to deal with.

That's exactly when Olivia's current boyfriend Greg makes a dramatic entry and shatters Jeff's hopes of being united with Olivia. It's like the universe is trying its best to keep the sweethearts away from each other.

As awkward as it can get, Olivia feels uncomfortable that Greg is around and she never tells Jeff about her current life. Olivia's parents know Greg is not the right guy for their daughter, so they try to play cupid and help Olivia gain clarity and be with the person she loves truly. 

Jeff is heartbroken once again and longs for his unrequited love. He knows that Olivia is the love of his life and there's no place for anyone else in his life. Will the miracle of Christmas compel the universe to stop messing around and bring Jeff and Olivia together once and for all? 

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Catch the premiere of 'Same Time, Next Christmas' on ABC Network on December 5 at 8 pm.

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