Samantha Markle calls Prince Harry "a wuss" and Meghan Markle "the duchess of nonsense" in new rant on social media

Samantha Markle slams Megha Markle and Prince Harry once again as she says Harry would be better off with someone like Cressida Bonas who seems more like Diana to her

                            Samantha Markle calls Prince Harry "a wuss" and Meghan Markle "the duchess of nonsense" in new rant on social media
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Source:Getty Images)

Samantha Markle is at it again! She took to Twitter to slam Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in a series of tweets. Samantha insists that it is not Thomas Markle who is at fault but it's Meghan who is to blame even more. Referring to Meghan as 'Duchess of Nonsense', Samantha did not hesitate to drag Harry in her rant as she labeled him as a 'wuss' for going hand in hand with his wife and her behavior. "Harry is a wuss to allow the Duchess of Nonsense to mistreat everyone who has been close to her, especially her family," she wrote. "Diana would be ashamed. Stop wearing Meg's skivvies and bra and take your pants off of her!" 

Samantha also spoke about her half-sister's fake 'British accent'. Recently, a video of Meghan talking to the crowd emerged and fans have been convinced that the former 'Suits' star has got a British accent. While many were all up for a British version of Meghan, it looks like Samantha is not one of them. "She was embarrassed about the family? It's totally reciprocal. The Gloria Swanson bit, the fake humanitarian act, the Fake British accent is also ridiculous," she wrote. 

At the same time, Samantha hinted that Harry's ex, Cressida Bonas would have been a better fit for him. Sharing an image of Cressida, Samantha wrote, "She is much more like Diana. That's who Harry should have married." Despite the long rant, Samantha ended her tweet with a note stating that she loves Meghan but would not mind speaking up about something she is not alright with. 


She says she will never write a tell-all book about Meghan  (Photo by Eddie Mulholland/WPA Pool/Getty Images)

"Sorry, tough love exists and just because I can speak out about some things does not mean I don't love her but I can call out things I do not agree with... if nobody likes it, it is too damn bad," she wrote. This comes after Samantha claimed in an interview with Breitbart that she only wished Meghan with “absolutely happiness" after her wedding to Prince Harry. 

She went on to add that people had urged her to write a tell-all book about her sister but it isn't something she plans on doing. “Everyone said, ‘Oh you should do a book that’s just a slamming tell all that is dirt because dirt sells,’ and I said I’d rather slit my wrists," she said, as reported by Daily Star. "My goal has never been to hurt my sister, it’s been to uplift her, and in my interviews, I was clear about what I loved about her, but the tabloids never printed those things…" 

Samantha insisted that the media deliberately left out the good things she had to tell about her sister. “They purposefully omitted the good, because the good is not what sells," she said. “I’ve always loved her. Even though I’ve disagreed with some of the recent events which didn’t make sense…" Samantha added that despite the difference in opinion with Meghan, she still loves and cares about her like the other siblings. “Just because you question or criticise siblings, doesn’t mean you love them any less. I want her absolute happiness," she said.