Samantha La Porta says her song 'Don't Say Forever' is 'about making promises we can't keep'

As a rising star in music, La Porta has already made a name among Disney fans with her songs which are running on demand on Radio Disney

                            Samantha La Porta says her song 'Don't Say Forever' is 'about making promises we can't keep'

Originally from Boca Raton, FL, Samantha La Porta has been captivating local audiences with her unique vocal talent and her skilled guitar playing in local venues around town. Now stepping into her own, she has caught the attention of Radio Disney covering all of North America. You can hear her new song "Own The Night" which is in rotation on Radio Disney as well as on Radio Disney's Spotify 'Stuck in Our Heads' playlist.

This young talent cut her baby teeth on the legendary stages of Nashville, where she was introduced to songwriting and performing. Winning numerous awards "Best Teen Artist” and "Artist to Watch". Samantha, later joined forces with multi-platinum producer/songwriter Jason Nevins and hit selling singer/songwriter Lucas Prata in the summer of 2016.

Samantha's debut single 'Summertime Hold On Me' was picked up by a national coffee franchise, playing coast to coast. Her latest track, 'Don’t Say Forever', was the #1 requested single on Radio Disney's "Total Request Now" and recently entered the top 30. It’s the follow-up to 'Own The Night', her previous single that remained on the Radio Disney top 10 chart an astonishing ten weeks.

LaPorta is currently ruling Radio Disney with her songs. (PR)
LaPorta is currently ruling Radio Disney with her songs. (PR)

In an exclusive conversation with Meaww, the singer spoke about her journey as an aspiring musician, the inspiration behind 'Don't Say Forever', and what more she plans on doing.

What inspired you to pursue music at such a young age? 

Taylor Swift was my 1st concert. I was 10. She was the first teen artist that really captured what I wanted to do. 

Which artists inspire you the most, and why? 

Taylor inspired me to start playing guitar and she currently inspires me to grow as a songwriter but I listen to many styles of music. I feel the most connected to Pop R&B artists like Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, and H.E.R. “Best Part” is a song I just covered and posted on Youtube from a recent live show.

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Do you incline on a single genre?  

Pop R&B, but I’ve been known to strum a Kacey Musgraves' song now and then for fun.

How would you define what you compose?  

My radio songs are feel-good songs, and if the subject isn’t feel good, the beat still has that feel-good groove.

You recently entered the Top 30 on Radio Disney's 'Total Request Now', how has the journey been until now?  

Incredible. I just learned I’m in the Top 3 with over 8,000 votes from fans. It’s all so super cool!

Samantha LaPorta (Photo Credit Matthew Raney Photography)
Samantha LaPorta (Photo Credit Matthew Raney Photography)

What has been your biggest achievement from this experience?

Being played on the radio. When you think about all the music that’s available and artists with labels behind them wanting that radio slot, being an independent artist and having Radio Disney believe in me as an artist and the support of the RD fans. It's an amazing feeling and a huge achievement.  I’ve even had other artists come up to me, singing a verse from one of my songs, telling me how much they love my music. It’s all so surreal.

What inspired you to write your latest track, “Don’t Say Forever"? Could you walk us through the production process? Can you tell us the meaning behind the song? 

I had a few ideas that came together. I knew I wanted a song with a Latin beat. My dad is from Central America and I love Latin music. When I got together with my team, we started talking about relationships and how many of my friends had just graduated from HS and how life would change for us. People break up and grow apart, not always because they want to but it simply naturally happens. 'Don’t Say Forever' is about making promises we can’t keep and growing apart.

Samantha LaPorta (Photo Credit Matthew Raney Photography)
Samantha LaPorta (Photo Credit Matthew Raney Photography)

Will you be going out for concerts anytime soon? 

I have been performing regular two-hour shows in my hometown for the past three years and I regularly mix in visiting and singing at Childrens' Hospitals. These past few weeks, I performed in Miami, NJ, and Nashville, opening for JAGMAC, Radio Disney’s NBT and Hirie, an awesome reggae band.

What more are you planning next?

I love Christmas music and this time of year I get a lot of requests so I’ll start posting those on my socials after Thanksgiving. Since I was 10 I've been visiting the Ronald McDonald house and singing Christmas songs with the kids and families so I’m looking forward to that and I plan to Kick off 2019 with new music. My song Superficial was playing in the studio the other day and two really big artists — I can’t say their names! — told me they really liked it. So I’m excited to release it this January.