Sam Hunt's 'Southside' is filled with heartbreak and fans ask if anyone has 'checked on' the singer lately

The singer is known for blending various genres to create his own country sound, and often speaks of loss and heartbreak in his music

                            Sam Hunt's 'Southside' is filled with heartbreak and fans ask if anyone has 'checked on' the singer lately
Sam Hunt (Getty Images)

Sam Hunt dropped his highly anticipated sophomore album 'Southside' on April 3, three years after he released its first single 'Body Like a Back Road' and fans can't help but wonder who hurt the singer so bad that it led to one of the most heartbreaking releases of 2020.

Prior to the album release, Hunt put out the tracks 'Downtown's Dead', 'Drinkin' Too Much', and 'Kinfolks', before finally announcing his album would release in 2020 and dropping one more track, 'Sinning With You' in January 2020. And as a final gift before the full drop, Hunt put out 'Hard to Forget' in February to coincide with the beginning of pre-orders for the album.

Now that the album is fully out, fans say they can't stop listening to it. While some did find the album to be a mere imitation of greater country songs, most reviews for 'Southside' have been positive, and fans seem to agree. So much so, they even picked it as their favorite new music for the week on Billboard.

"Sam hunt is always a mood," tweets one fan, and another says "I forget how much i love Sam Hunt." Given it has been six years since his debut album, it's easy to have forgotten just how good of an artist Hunt is. But despite both albums speaking about pain, loss, and heartache, fans say "The new Sam Hunt album just hits different."

"Listening to Sam Hunt wishing I was in love with a boy," tweets one listener, while another fan says, "I love sam hunt with my whole heart but if he continues to write songs that make me cry, boy we are gonna have to talk"

Sam Hunt performs with Diplo onstage during the 2019 Stagecoach Festival at Empire Polo Field on April 28, 2019 in Indio, California (Getty Images)

Many are also now wondering just who hurt Hunt this bad. One fan tweets, "Sam Hunt’s new album is en Fuego. Idk who hurt you babe, but I thank them! Keep pumping out those soul filled heaters @SamHuntMusic," while another asks, "Man who broke Sam Hunt heart? 'Drinking to much' '2016' and 'that ain't beautiful'". Some were a little concerned, tweeting "Has anyone checked on Sam Hunt lately?"

And when something just speaks to your soul, you can't just turn it off. "Sam Hunt album has been on repeat non stop," tweets one fan.

Hunt was originally set to go on tour in May this year, and if the reactions are anything to go by, it was bound to be an emotional rollercoaster. The Southside Summer Tour 2020, featuring guests Kip Moore, Travis Denning, Brandi Cyrus, and Big Loud Records recording artist Ernest, was meant to kick off on May 28 from Charlotte, North Carolina. It has been postponed and will now begin on June 11 from Alpharetta, Georgia.

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