'Sally4Ever': Here's the lowdown on why we all need a second season for the HBO cringe-comedy

The cringe comedy turned into a thriller that no one saw coming. With Emma now obsessed with Sally and hiding in her attic, we need to know what we can call the show henceforth

                            'Sally4Ever': Here's the lowdown on why we all need a second season for the HBO cringe-comedy

When the finale of HBO's love-it-or-hate-it show 'Sally4Ever' aired last Sunday, a lot of eyebrows were raised. When the never-seen-before love story of Eleanor and David came to the fore, viewers were taken aback, because first of all Emma had mentioned "David hung himself" previously, and the last we had seen of him was with a salt and pepper wig telling Sally that he was going to be a father. The finale wrapped up with bald David making out with (not-wheelchair-bound-anymore) Eleanor, and if you thought that was surprising, as opposed to the foreseen happy ending of Nigel and Sally, then the ending of Emma peeping through a ceiling hole was the most dumbfounding moment.

The cringe-comedy, as we had been calling the series all along, took a turn for a thriller genre that no one saw coming. Fans of Julia Davis and those acquainted with the taste of dark humor was loving the cringiest comedy scenes especially in the final episode, where Emma loved to make Sally miserable by embarrassing her, vomiting and pooping on her and just accusing her of being selfish and disgusting. The break-up in the last few minutes of the finale that was much appreciated and Nigel and Sally coming together while another love story of David and Eleanor brewed in the backdrop was the silver lining fans hoped for.

But, seeing Emma, who hands-down is a sociopath, hide in the attic in Sally's and Nigel's home as they tend to their newborn baby is, in fact, the creepiest ending any comedy can ever have. Now, clearly obsessed Emma, who was supposed to be at the mental facility according to Nigel, is at their home posing as a threat not only to their lives but also to their newborn baby. That is why fans need closure. Creator of the show, Julia Davis, has said in a couple of interviews that she does not like coming around for a second season, and so far she hasn't had season 2's for hits like UK's version of 'Camping' or 'Hunderby'. But in a recent interview, Davis did mention that there is something different about 'Sallly4Ever' that the show just might come back for a second season, especially with the potential character developments.

"There are quite a lot of characters in this so there are a lot of places it could go so potentially it could carry on. I’d like to do more if asked but I need to take a step back…" Davis said.

'Sally4Ever' was announced in May 2018 and premiered in October in the UK, and arrived on the American Shores via HBO in mid-November. Julia Davis confessed in an interview that she was very scared about how the American audience would perceive her comedy that featured lesbian sex, scissoring, fecal exchange and a lot more surprising elements.

However, the audience seemed to have loved it as the show boasts a 97 percent ranking on Rotten Tomatoes. Although no official announcement of season 2 has been made, the stellar reviews, as well as Davis' affirmation on 'Sally4Ever's potential return, is something we can bank on, hopefully. We need closure. We want to understand why is 'Sally' a 'forever' for Emma.

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