'Sally4Ever': We need to talk about the steamiest TV lesbian sex scene of the year, or perhaps ever

The premiere episode of Julia Davis's 'Sally4Ever' shocked her well-accustomed fans with this insanely intimate and graphic lesbian sex scene

                            'Sally4Ever': We need to talk about the steamiest TV lesbian sex scene of the year, or perhaps ever

Julia Davis's 'Sally4Ever' premiered on HBO on November 11 and, guess what, it gave us the steamiest lesbian sex scene on TV. Forget lesbian sex, it was just the most erotic and grossly fantastical sex with full frontal nudity, boobs slapping against each other and, of course, the 'toeing.'

If you've watched the premiere then chances are it left you as uncomfortable and aroused. The sex scene coming from the queen of dark comedy Davis herself, we knew there was something unexpected to expect.

But we could not have fathomed that the few minutes long sex scene could escalate into something so sensationsal; especially when the used tampon is pulled out orally.

Don't know how to react? Well, neither do we.

The premise of the show is pretty simple though. Sally (Catherine Shepherd) has been in a 10-year-relationship with her ultra-boring and pathetic boyfriend David (Alex Macqueen), who loudly sips tea, sensually polishes his toes and bald head and faps happily when Sally rejects to have sex.

With mundane life and extremely desperate partner and a dull job, Sally has not much to look forward to. Then one day, she chances upon Emma (Julia Davis), a bohemian singer and an actress who exudes confidence and sex appeal towards Sally, who FYI has never been with a girl before.

As important as the characters is a white wedding dress that features in the sex scene. The dress was David's gift to Sally to be worn on their supposed nuptials. The dress belonged to David's mom and comes with her "gland" stain, and as he imagines Sally in that dress, he gets a boner, which is obviously cringe-worthy. David is cringe-worthy, sorry, not sorry. But you can't help but feel sorry for him in a way.


Moving to the sex scene, Sally is trying on the dress as David is out of town. Emma is standing in the rain looking at Sally, who opens the door for the yellow-head lesbian singer.

Then they begin humping each other on the stairs. Emma wildly rips open the wedding dress, exposing her boobs and then they head to the bedroom for a wild-wild romp featuring dusters, petals, and roses. Boobs grind against each other, a feather tickles a bushy pussy and the other T’Pau song plays on the backdrop. Emma goes down on Sally and gives a full throttle oral that makes Sally orgasm.

There's ass-licking and of course the "toeing" I mentioned in the introductory paragraph. Emma inserts her toe inside Sally's butt as she lies down in doggy style. When they are done with their passionate makeout sesh, both Emma's and Sally’s mouths are shiny wet. Sally's bloodied tampon is thrown on the white wedding dress and, now, David's mum's wedding dress is not only stained with a "gland" fluid but also with Sally's period.

The sex scene goes back and forth with David's own solitary musings such as flossing, scrubbing his bald head and blowdrying his penis, for god knows what joy.

The creator and star of the show, Davis, discussed this sex scene in an interview where she said she had even more artsy ideas to render the heightened sex scene with "snails and creatures" but there was little time. We only wonder how that would have turned out because this itself was enough to make us feel that the lesbian fantasy sex was too real. Thank you, next.

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