'Sally4Ever': HBO's cringe-comedy turns into a thriller, and no one saw it coming

If you've cringed in 'Sally4Ever' so far, you will be baffled in the season finale, but hold on to your breath because the ending is so damn unexpected

                            'Sally4Ever': HBO's cringe-comedy turns into a thriller, and no one saw it coming

'Sally4Ever' has come to an end but has left the viewers rather disturbed. Who could've bet that the cringe-comedy enticing the audience to either love the show or hate it, would end as a thriller?

What first started as a show about the love story of Sally, a middle-aged marketing executive, whose dull suburban life takes an U-turn when she decides to break up with her milquetoast fiance and embark on torrid love affair with the seductress, Emma, ended on a chilling note giving the vibes of 2015's 'The Boy Next Door' or 2009's 'Obsessed,' or any other stalker movies that elicits a gasp or two.

The title finally makes sense. Even though Emma is a wreck and her hobby is to wreck homes, she's beyond obsessed with Sally. Not only does Emma sing the song 'Sally4Ever' at their honeymoon getaway, but also ensures Nigel stays the hell away from Sally. In order to make sure of that, Emma plays her strongest manipulation game so far, by provoking Sally to say the words 'I hate you so much, I cannot stand you,' and sneakily sending the recording to Nigel.

Even her sociopathic characteristics come to its worse this finale, when she vomits on Sally, defecates in every corner of the hotel room, including on Sally and later tells actor Sean Bean that Sally did it. When Emma vomits like Niagara Falls all over Sally, twice, she expects Sally to be considerate of her food poisoning, but when Sally ends up puking because of pregnancy, Emma is disgusted and comments, "It's disgusting," while trying to flirt with Sean Bean at the same time.

Emma's and Sally's honeymoon getaway in Scotland costs Sally a bomb, and as we find out, she also lost her job because her boss Deborah, who wanted to have sex with Sally in the previous episode, has accused Sally of sexual harassment.

When Emma splurges on Sally's money, even opening a bottle of champagne that Sally worries isn't complimentary with the room, Emma quips by telling "stop worrying, that's so unattractive."

Emma does not miss any opportunity to embarrass Sally, from the buffet to the reading room, so when Emma runs back to her hotel room, she chances upon the 'Game of Thrones' star, Sean Bean, who helps her get up as she falls on the stairs.

While at first, we are ready to ship the actor with our damsel in distress, we soon learn that the old lady accompanying him is, in fact, his wife. Even Sally mistakes her for his mom, and you can't blame Sally.  Emma becomes insanely jealous because of Sally's encounter with Sean Bean that she begs Sally to introduce her to the actor at a time she is lying in a bed full of shit. When Sally points out that the scenario for the introduction isn't right, Emma advices "just put a duvet on top of it."

Sally4Ever Sean Bean and Julia Davis as Emma (Twitter)
Sally4Ever Sean Bean and Julia Davis as Emma (Twitter)

This isn't even the climax of Emma's insanity. After Sally discovers she is pregnant, the scene directly progresses to seven months later. Sally and Emma chance upon Nigel and his new girlfriend, who by the way is said to cook awesome food with recipes from the Himalayas. Emma shamelessly announces in another awkward lunch gathering that the baby Sally is carrying is Nigel's. On hearing this, his girlfriend storms out and Nigel and Emma get into a huge feud. Emma even nearly hits Nigel with a car. But then, Sally goes into labor pain and Nigel takes her to the hospital. Emma comes to the hospital, hurting herself and beating herself up, to accuse Nigel of hitting her.

This time Sally does not buy her lies and two women at the labor room end up screaming. Nigel calls security and Emma is dragged out. When Sally delivers the baby, with Nigel in the delivery room, Emma looks in from the window.

Then we move on to the sweetest scene of the season, where Sally holds the baby and Nigel sits beside her, oh so lovingly! and Sally is smiling. Sally expresses that she still feels Emma is in the house, haunting, and questions if that is weird. Nigel assures that she is in the facility now, getting looked after, she is not going to get out any time soon and everything will be alright. As they get back to playing with their baby and debating on the name, the camera pans out to the ceiling above them, where Emma is peeping from a hole, without even blinking her eyes.  

The chills are real. While cringing and laughing at this dark comedy, we seem to have dismissed the darker undertone of it all. The ending can be summed in one way- Julia Davis is brilliant. The British comedian, who isn't very interested in sequels might as well come back with the second season of 'Sally4Ever,' because for her the show is an exception. But the main question is, if the viewers are ready for a dark comedy thriller? It's a genre of its own now. 

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