Sally4Ever: From another Game of Thrones familiar face to Sally losing her cool, here's what to expect from the finale

The HBO cringe-comedy's season one is coming to an end this Sunday and the teasers have given us a lot about what to expect

                            Sally4Ever: From another Game of Thrones familiar face to Sally losing her cool, here's what to expect from the finale

The seventh and the final episode of 'Sally4Ever' airs this Sunday and for those hooked to this HBO drama, the sitcom has given a lot of amusement with a limited number of characters. There's Sally, the protagonist of the show who is the victim of everything mundane until Emma comes swishing into her life and turns her whole life around, miserably!

David is chucked out from his own house, Sally's lesbian relationship with Emma invites trouble at work since her boss Deborah hits on her big time, and Nigel, Sally's co-worker, is the only grounded character we can bank on. The upcoming finale, slated to air December 23 at 10.30 pm on HBO, will definitely be an epic watch, I mean look at the pictures released.


And, if you thought Lena Headey would be the only 'Game of Thrones' actress making an appearance in Julia Davis' hit comedy then these pictures prove you wrong. Eddard Stark appears as a charming middle-aged man in a relationship with an elderly lady.

The released trailer on the final episode shows Sally and Emma having a luxurious honeymoon getaway in Scotland, but their relationship is far from ideal as Sally is heard shouting at Emma "I hate you so much, I cannot stand you." Sean Bean, could have been the perfect match for Sally, except it looks like he prefers older women.

As exciting as the pictures and trailers look, here is a quick list of what to expect from the finale, of the love-it-or-hate-it, but-you-cannot-ignore-it, show.

Sally may break it off with Emma

Viewers could already make out Emma's entry into Sally's life was like the famous Taylor Swift song "I knew you were trouble when you walked in." She's not only wrecked Sally's life but also caused havoc, and now Sally is literally a loner, hated by her colleagues and even the therapist and the doctor. Thank god for Nigel, he's clearly in love with Sally and may help her get through Emma's toxicity.

Will Sally go with Nigel or Ned Stark (sorry Sean Bean) or neither

Sally wasn't a damsel in distress, but Emma sure has made her one. Nigel may come around because, as mentioned above, he is in love with her. David is long gone and forgotten. However, Sean Bean's debut in the finale could also mean an unexpected twist. He is in conversation with Emma, but he's likely more interested in Sally, but the bad news is he is there vacationing with his wife, who Sally mistakes for his mother.

Sally vomits, what could that mean?

Remember Sally and Emma were trying to have a baby and Sally ended up having sex with Nigel? Well, while dining with Emma, Sally vomits on the table. It could be major food poisoning or it could mean she's pregnant!

Emma will be at her worst-best self 

Emma has made us cringe and hate on her because she's clearly a narcissistic sociopath and also a pathological liar. But the finale will show an even more vile side to Emma, who hogs the buffet, throws baguette at Sally and accuses her of being sinister. 

So, will Eleanor walk now?

In the previous episode, we saw the wheelchair-bound character run for her life as the fire alarm went off. So, this means, she was pretending all along. So, expect her to walk, run and get some action, maybe!

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