'Sally4Ever' episode 6 review: Sally runs and so does Eleanor

You can consider this episode to be a "relief", but not absent was the cringe-worthy awkwardness looming throughout the season

                            'Sally4Ever' episode 6 review: Sally runs and so does Eleanor

'Running' can be the theme of HBO's 'Sally4Ever' episode 6, and that's a great relief.

So, when she took off, even if it was only for a work-related getaway, there was a sigh of relief, at least Emma wouldn't be around to make Sally miserable as she usually does. In this episode too, Sally isn't completely spared. Before Sally leaves, Emma becomes dramatic about leaving her right after she was dismissed from the hospital.

Emma wets her bed and falls on the floor and conjures explanatory hallucinations on someone trying to get her. So, while the bus honks for Sally to get in, Emma asks Sally if they are really marrying since she hasn't got the "ring" yet.

So, when Sally takes off, it's a hurrah at first, before you realize her boss, Deborah, who had earlier propositioned her, has made the decision of sharing a Honeymoon suite with Sally. So, there's no escaping that.

This decision leads to a series of cringe-worthy moments with Deborah desperately trying to seduce Sally by telling her to undress, showing off her new underwear (a thong), and taking Sally on a walk where she unhesitatingly pees in the outdoor restaurant area, drunk on wine and only wine, and then lies down on the grass forcing Sally to as well, and when Sally gets her into the bedroom, Deborah gets on top of Sally, rubbing herself against her, as she is forced to say she likes Deborah but needs to go to the bathroom.


With a cue to escape, Sally runs for her life, a slow-motion run in the corridor to the tune of Down Like Silver's 'Light That Match' and falls right into Nigel's arm. It's a sigh of relief again, but Nigel just so happened to have been sleeping with a bartender, who he was admittedly hitting on the entire evening especially after Sally said that them sleeping together was a "mistake" and Mick broke the news that Sally is getting married to Emma. In a Whiskey Lullaby mood, Nigel decided to hook up with the bartender who hesitatingly listened to all his whining throughout the night.

Sally's impassioned kissing of Nigel was, perhaps, one of the best non-cringy scenes in 'Sally4Ever' and since that's rare, we'll count this to be the most ordinary thing witnessed on the show, although interrupted by the awkward moment immediately after following Nigel's "hi" to the woman who was covered in his sheets, Francesca (let's not forget her name the way Nigel did). Thank god for the fire alarm, the ongoing awkwardness is neutralized as everyone rushes out of the hotel.

The best escape comes in the end when wheelchair-bound Eleanor is seen running in the corridors and out into the open as the fire alarm rings on and Radiohead's 'Creep' plays on.

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