'Sally4Ever' episode 5 review: Sally is a damsel in distress whose attempts to untangle herself fail miserably

Episode 5 of 'Sally4Ever' witnessed David moving on and Sally caught in Emma's trap. The more she tries to untangle herself from toxic Emma, the more she drowns in her vileness.

                            'Sally4Ever' episode 5 review: Sally is a damsel in distress whose attempts to untangle herself fail miserably

'Sally4Ever' is on a roll, amusing and frustrating its viewers at the same time. While some are tweeting about canceling its network's (HBO) subscription, because of its unspeakable content, many are praising the utter genius behind the making of something extraordinary. With episode 5 airing Sunday, it's now crystal clear 'Sally4Ever' is a love it or hate it show and there is no in-between.





The buzz states it all and episode 5 was no different, except for the fact that there was a much-needed- recovery break from wild intercourse scenes because, after episode 4, this was really necessary. However, when it comes down to the frustration level, this episode was the most intense. Sally simply cannot speak for herself, defend herself or even save herself. She is now the ultimate damsel in distress.

Thank god she finds refuge in her co-worker Nigel's embrace, but then again, it's proved that you cannot save a damsel in distress if she loves her distress. All it took was two episodes for viewers to spot how toxic Emma was for Sally, but for Sally, she's just in the process of realizing it and turns out it's too late for her.

Sally is in trouble at work. Her boss, Deborah, cites that Sally isn't qualified for a promotion and Eleanor is the right candidate. Deborah further adds her personal advice to Sally saying ever since Emma happened to her, Sally has been ruining every aspect of her life. Taken aback at the personal comment Sally enquires if Deborah is against the same-sex relationship.

Adjusting her spectacles, the middle-aged lady proclaims with precision that she herself is a lesbian and confesses she was hoping for a relationship between Sally and herself. Hilarious and serious at the same time, peculiar to Julia Davis' sense of humor, Sally tries to wrap her head around the rather "weird" meeting with her boss and confides in Nigel, much to Eleanor's envy.

Just when you think not much has changed in the mundane tone of the show, seeing David in hair is quite surprising. As Sally meet her ex at a local cafeteria, he narrates his wonderful dating life and gushes about his new girlfriend. When Sally has had enough, she asks if that was the reason he called. To her surprise and dismay, David announces he is going to be a father and will have to sell his house, (where Sally and Emma are casually living) to now provide for his family and move to Mauritius.

This causes an emotional tsunami and Sally starts crying when meeting the therapist along with Emma. The contrast of David's happiness to her sorrows makes her reach the decision to break up with Emma, but the therapist, who is clearly enamored by Emma's lies and favors her out of the two, persuades Sally to stick with Emma, pointing at Sally's faults of not being content with what she has. When Sally affirms that she wants to have a baby, the therapist, who is clearly another weird character, forces her to say it out loud that she wants to have a baby with Emma.

Sally's attempt of breaking up turns futile again and the duo start discussing potential sperm donors, who according to Emma must be gay, so that their child/children can be gay. Emma even goes on to suggest a chemist who Sally points out is HIV positive.

When Nigel shows up at Sally's doorstep the very night, the three of them discuss the idea where Nigel hilariously mistakes the idea for a threesome. On mutual agreement, Sally and Nigel have sex while Emma decides to wait downstairs. This only results in another awkward dinner (I have clearly lost count of how many awkward dinners we've had in the show so far). Emma becomes insanely jealous as she asks for graphic details on how their intercourse went.

Here comes one crazy part before the next one. Jealous Emma mentions David hung himself because of Sally and left a suicide note where a paragraph of Sally being a bad partner is noted. At this particular scene, we cannot make out if Emma is simply lying, as it's in her nature because Sally hardly defends if David is dead or alive. We had just met David a couple of scenes earlier in the same episode, who was so excited to be a father, that we are guessing it's all a big fat lie. 

Here's another crazy turn of events. The next day at work, Sally gets an alarming call that Emma is hospitalized after attempting to commit suicide. Emma looks a mess with smudged eyes, unkempt hair, and a band-aid across her wrist.

When the doctor explains the situation to Sally and asks Emma if she will try to take her life again, Emma bluntly says that it all depends on Sally. The therapist comes along as well, and as we know she sides with Emma, she displays great sympathies for her and snubs Sally. Sally ceaselessly apologizes for sleeping with Nigel, despite it being a mutual decision. When the therapist asks what would keep her from attempting suicide, Emma asks Sally out of the blue to marry her.

Both the doctor and the therapist look towards Sally with great anticipation and excitement and Sally, who is trapped in this mess, tries to dodge it by saying it's a big question and she will think about it. Both the onlookers chime in to pressurize her to say yes, as Emma's life is dependent on Sally's answer, she is forced to say yes.

This episode is extremely sad for Sally, because all she wanted was a shot at love, the wild kind, but her whirlwind romance with Emma only turned out to be wild, lustful and materialized into a nightmare. Everyone around Sally has failed to understand her. Nigel is our hope though, but the only problem is Sally is the damsel in distress who does not want to be saved. At least it's looking that way.

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