'Sally4Ever' episode 4 review: Julia Davis's acclaimed cringe comedy gets involved in some really, really dirty sex

Are you wondering how to get over episode 4 of 'Sally4Ever'? We are too and the answer is it's not going to happen any time soon

                            'Sally4Ever' episode 4 review: Julia Davis's acclaimed cringe comedy gets involved in some really, really dirty sex

If the premiere of 'Sally4Ever' was not enough of a fantasy with the steamiest lesbian sex on TV featuring tampons and dusters, then let's move on to episode 4, which literally witnessed s**t-sex and d**k slapping. The 30-minute episode that premiered December 3 on HBO was the kind of television moment where, if someone walked into your room while you were watching it, they could easily mistake it for porn and you wouldn't be able to debate that.

Fans were highly anticipating this episode because Lena Heady, yes!, Cersei Lannister from 'Game of Thrones,' was making a guest appearance, playing an actress starring as a rustic 19th Century baker. Previously it was more than obvious that Emma was flirting with Dan, the famous director, who just so happened to be Sally's friend, Kate's, husband.

Emma was, so far, successful in seducing him to do drugs and fantasize about a threesome, so, when the episode opened, we directly leaped into Emma's intention to secure a role in Dan's film. Bribing Dan with cookies, Emma approaches the set and untiringly flirts to get a role and when she does, she tries to boss around the crew members including her makeup artist who prepares her for the role of a baker's helper.

Emma argues she's supposed to look "glam" and not someone with unibrows and black coal stains smeared on her face, so, as usual of Emma, she has it her way by popping open the buttons of her top and donning red lipstick and finger curled hair.

Dan isn't impressed and calls upon the make-up artist to prepare her for the role. With lights, camera and action rolling and an amazing lead rendition by Headey, Emma is expected to just walk past in the background. However, in an attempt to not miss the opportunity, Emma indulges in cringe-worthy antics to steal the spotlight despite Dan correcting her by reiterating all she has to do is walk with baguettes in her hand.

This scene, typical of Julia Davis, the creator, writer, and an actor of 'Sally4Ever', will probably make you roar with laughter until you realize you need a moment to breathe, pause, and then get back to cringing. Dan storms out of the set fuming at Emma for not understanding something as simple as walking. Headey looks genuinely upset so Dan is ready to fire Emma. Given Emma's cunning wiles and her sociopathic nature, she makes a bargain for dirty sex with Dan. Like, really dirty sex.

Meanwhile, Sally, who is Emma's partner, is locked in Dan's trailer's bathroom, and begins hearing noises of vigorous sex. With Emma performing fellatio and d**k slapping, Dan squats ready to defecate on Emma's face. Just then, Sally manages to unlock the bathroom and stares at the spectacle aghast. At the same time, Dan's wife and his daughter are on their way to meet him and when they open the door, they see Dan pooping on Emma's face. Credits roll and we're as astounded as Sally, Kate and Dan's daughter, who remarks dad is "poo poo."

It's a difficult watch even for those who have an acquired taste for cringe-comedy. When it comes to the genius of Davis, creator of all the best dark villains we know of, it's never easy to take in, watch and forget. How do we get over this episode?





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