'Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones' star Ryan Kwanten says the character of Peter is the darkest he's ever played

'Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones' star Ryan Kwanten says the character of Peter is the darkest he's ever played
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For 'Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones' star Ryan Kwanten, his character in the show, Peter, is the darkest character he has ever played.

Facebook Watch's murder mystery sees Kwanten play a complex character, someone who's more than what just meets the eye, and the Australian actor agrees. 

"I feel like that was sort of part of the reason why I said yes," Kwanten said in an interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) during the show's red carpet. "I mean, you want to play someone that makes you feel a little bit uncomfortable. In fact, a lot uncomfortable. This was by far the darkest character I feel like I've ever played. There are places in myself that I had to open up that I wasn't particularly comfortable with doing. But fortunately, Raelle (Tucker) and the people that she hired provided a safe, fun atmosphere to go to those vulnerable places."

Kwanten also sheds insight on his preparation to play the character. "I did a lot of research," he explains. "I read a lot of different books. There was one gentleman, in particular, a particular doctor, James Garbarino. His work, in particular, was really, really inspiring. His work with young boys throughout the US. It was why young men turned violent," he added. 


For those who've caught up with the three episodes of 'The Singing Bones', it is evident that Peter was a man with a heart. When asked about how he could process all these characteristics and manage to balance all the info on screen,  Kwanten had this to say: "I guess that's the hardest thing when it comes to playing a character that does have a heart, but also has a propensity for some pretty unique violence. It's important for me not to demonize him or not to judge him, to sort of come at it from a place of humanity and try and understand the sense in the senseless violence."

The actor was also lavish in his praise for his co-star, Jordan Alexander. "Jordan is an absolute force of nature. I cannot wait for the world to see the talent, the beauty, the artistry that she exudes, and she's just a damn good person as well," he said.

"She was always on time. She always beat me to the car, always knew her lines, was more than open for any kind of experimentation in the scene. We're going to be seeing her face and her name a lot."


You can watch the entire interview here:


Episodes 1-3 of 'Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones' are available for streaming on Facebook Watch.

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