‘Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones’ Episode 5: Peter’s flashbacks give us the chills, but is he guilty of murder?

‘Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones’ Episode 5: Peter’s flashbacks give us the chills, but is he guilty of murder?
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Spoiler alert for Episode 5 of 'Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones' 

Self-claimed private investigator and member of the Jane Doe Archive, Amelia Harper (Juliette Lewis) is the only person on the face of the earth bothered about the mysterious death of the Cherry Falls Jane Doe sisters, for reasons unknown.

While the previous episode of ‘Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones’ established that Elsie (Jordan Alexander) isn’t Peter’s daughter, it also teased Luther’s possible involvement in the murders that took place in his property.

Picking off where it ended in the previous installment, Episode 5 sees Amelia Harper producing the Jane Doe sisters' pictures she got from Luther to the cops. While she is determined to bring justice to the victims, the police dismiss her argument saying the sisters’ immodesty put them in danger.

Irked by their response, Amelia attacks one of the cops and gets arrested.

Meanwhile, Peter Hunter (Ryan Kwanten) calls Elsie to justify his past actions, saying he wants to tell her about everything that went down the day the Jane Doe sisters got murdered.

However, Elsie is rather bogged down by abandonment issues and blames Peter for leaving her. She demands the truth from him.

After having us clutching at the straws for four whole episodes, the latest offering of ‘Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones’ finally reveals the truth behind the death of one of the Jane Doe sisters, through Peter’s recurring flashbacks.

A revisitation of his endless memories of the Jane Doe sisters reveals that he had fallen head over heels in love with the elder sister who was pregnant and even wanted to co-parent her child.

However, the younger sister who wasn’t willing to compromise on her big dreams convinced her sibling to run away with her using the money she got from Luther for selling her lewd photographs, leaving Peter stranded in the woods.

The elder sister was torn between her sibling and Peter owing to their conflicting interests, which eventually led to an ugly brawl.

The younger sister got her hands on Peter’s gun, which she knew was hidden in the tree and threatened him at gunpoint to let her sister go.

When the elder sister tried to stop her sibling, she got shot in the gut accidentally and collapsed to the ground dead.

Now, all that's left is a gun and rivalry between Peter and the younger sister, which is further fueled by the accidental death of the elder sister.

Did Peter kill the younger sister to avenge his lady love? Or, was there another killer involved, as Amelia suspects?

‘Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones’ is available to stream on Facebook Watch.

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