Sacramento 'Karen' gets punched in the face after repeatedly calling a black woman the N-word

The video shows the black woman beating the white woman after the latter refuses to pay heed to her and then repeated the N-word again

                            Sacramento 'Karen' gets punched in the face after repeatedly calling a black woman the N-word

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA: A Sacramento 'Karen' got what was coming to her after she called a woman the N-word as was seen in a viral video. The video was shared on social media this week showed an altercation between two women who were at a Sacramento 7-Eleven. The video clip starts in the middle of the argument which seems quite escalated. 

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It is not known why the argument started but the white woman could be heard repeatedly saying, "I said excuse me!" when the argument turned racial. The 'Karen' then called the woman the N-word. The woman got very upset and enraged and told the white woman that if she ever used that racial slur again, she would definitely beat her up. In the video, the woman says, "Call me a (N-word) again ... I'm the right one. Try it."

While the white woman's tone dropped a bit, she paid no heed and then repeated the word again, but louder and clearer. A second later the video shows the white woman being hit in the face many times. A second video then begins showing the white woman sitting on the floor while she holds onto the arm of the black woman. The black woman says, "Let me go. You better let me go or I'm gonna hit your a** again." 

The white woman did not release her grip and was punched in the face again. As the black woman starts to walk out of the store the white woman can be heard yelling, "someone call 911". 

As reported by TMZ, the Sacramento Sheriff's Department deputies had responded to a call of two females who were fighting at a 7-eleven. When the police arrived, the white woman was being treated by medical workers for minor injuries. The other woman had already left the store. The white woman had told the deputies that it had been a mutual fight and also took responsibility for the part that she played in it. 

She shared that she did not want to file a complaint. However, the next day she changed her mind and decided to file a report. The Sheriff's Office said so far no suspect has been identified, charged or arrested. The black woman's husband has claimed on social media that she was arrested for assault though this has not yet been confirmed. 

The incident is similar to another 'Karen' in Arizona who was slapped across the face during an altercation. The incident took place at a Phoenix gas station when a middle-aged woman had stormed inside to that her pump outside was not working. The woman then got into an argument with a younger woman who was being helped at the counter. The person who is recording the video says he heard 'Karen' telling the other woman that she needs to go back to her country. 

She also tells the clerk at the store not to serve the woman. 'Karen' got a bit handsy and was promptly slapped across the face by the younger woman leading to 'Karen' storming out of the store.

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