Did Sacha Baron Cohen spew hate at Washington rally? Fans rave 'brother is trolling them far-right folks hard'

Fans claim that Cohen sang a song with lyrics like 'chopping up liberals like the Saudi’s do' and injecting them with the 'Wuhan flu'

                            Did Sacha Baron Cohen spew hate at Washington rally? Fans rave 'brother is trolling them far-right folks hard'
Sacha Baron Cohen (Getty Images)

Sacha Baron Cohen is a favorite among his fans for a reason. The highly-talented actor-comedian is lauded by many for his outspoken nature. Perhaps, it is this aspect of his personality that has led to a major confusion among internet users, who can’t stop raving about him for allegedly sabotaging a rally in downtown Olympia. Cohen apparently infiltrated the March for Our Rights 3 rally in Washington, getting at least some of the right-wing militia attendees to sing racist lyrics along with him about Barack Obama, Dr. Fauci, and the “Wuhan flu.”

The rally called ‘March for Our Rights 3' was organized at the Heritage Park  on Saturday, June 27th and saw about 500 attendees. This incident allegedly involving 'The Dictator' star came to light after Yelm City Councilman, James Blair, through a long Facebook post, suggested that it was "Cohen himself who appeared on the stage" to spew  “racist” and “hateful” remarks. 

Blair wrote, “Sacha Baron Cohen pulled a bullsh*t stunt at the March For Our Rights 3 event." The post further read, "He came on stage disguised as the lead singer of the last band, singing a bunch of racist, hateful, disgusting sh*t. His security blocked event organizers from getting him off the stage or pulling power from the generator. After the crowd realized what he was saying, and turned on him, his security then rushed the stage and evacuated them to a waiting private ambulance that was contracted to be their escape transport.” Blair said. 

While there’s no evidence to prove Cohen’s involvement in the anti-government demonstration, fans who are convinced that it was the comedian, took to Twitter to praise him for his act. “I love when Sacha Baron Cohen shoves people's #racism into their own faces as he did today at Washington 3% - a right-wing group of armed insurrectionists & white supremacists. The reason organizers freaked about the #racist song is b/c the audience enthusiastically sang along!” a fan wrote, while another added, “This is amazing. Sacha Baron Cohen's trolling a bunch of white supremacists at some rally being held in Washington.”

One Twitter user claimed that the high-quality Audio version of the Sacha Baron Cohen from the rally in Washington allegedly includes lyrics “chopping up liberals like the Saudi’s do” and injecting them with the “Wuhan flu”.” What really got Twitter buzzing was that the audience could be heard singing along. 

However, despite the controversial lyrics, Cohen seems to have earned the appreciation of fans who are laundering his sense of humor.  “I'm not a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen's style of humor but I'm glad people like him exist in this world. That song was way too catchy and that rally was too close to home.” said one. While another added, “Sacha Baron Cohen never fails! hahaha/ brother is trolling them far right folks hard here... Hilarious!”

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