Where is Sabrina Prater? Concerns rise for missing trans TikToker amid creepy videos

'He has three children, one son and two daughters, their mother is an escort for skipthegames,' a Reddit theorist said

                            Where is Sabrina Prater? Concerns rise for missing trans TikToker amid creepy videos
Sabrina Prater is a popular TikToker famous for cross-dressing videos (TikTok)

The conspiracy theories around trans TikToker Sabrina Prater have taken over Twitter and Reddit, as hundreds of internet sleuths point out the disturbing elements in Prater's videos. Prater, who actually happens to be a 34-year-old man from Flint, Michigan, gained popularity on TikTok with his cross-dressing and dancing videos. He has over 1.9 million likes on his videos and more than 208,000 followers on his TikTok account where he goes by the username @sabrinaprater625. 

However, many viewers have expressed concerns about the shabby surroundings of the TikToker, as evident in his videos. While some theorized that he is not financially well-off, many others believe that he might be associated with psychopathic crimes. In fact, some have even equated Prater with the character Buffalo Bill from the 1991 thriller 'Silence of The Lambs'. The conspiracy theories started after viewers spotted disturbing elements in the background of Prater's videos. Moreover, Prater has not posted any videos in the past few days, triggering the belief that he is missing or worse, dead. 


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Where is Sabrina Prater? 

According to a few reports, Sabrina Prater's real name is Franklin Prater who is a resident of Flint in Michigan. Some Reddit theorists also claim that he is the owner of Prater Constructions, a firm that was once accused of putting a camera in a young woman's bathroom. 

In his TikTok videos, Prater had shared that he enjoyed dressing up as a woman and embracing his feminine side. He has been using TikTok to explore his femininity and rediscover his identity. It is assumed that he has not undergone any gender reassignment surgery but enjoys dressing up in women's clothes from a young age. One of his older accounts was banned by TikTok for problematic content and nudity. Then he started sharing videos on a brand new account. 

According to Reddit user ks_productionsyt, Prater might have been a drug addict with past history of imprisonment. Furthermore, a recent incident of stabbing was also connected with Prater, who has been described as an aggressive man with the horrifying trauma of childhood bullying. "People who were close to him have expressed their concerns that he may be linked to the disappearances of two women in the Flint Michigan area Tracey Brownrigg, and Brianna Vibert who had both gone missing on a road that intersects the one he lives on. He has three children, one son and two daughters, their mother is an escort for skipthegames," the user further noted. 

According to other internet sleuths, Prater is married with three children and exists on Facebook as Frank Prater. It is not certain whether his family is aware of his TikTok videos and cross-dressing fetish. 

Though there is no official confirmation regarding his disappearance, Reddit theorists have already speculated the worst possible outcomes. They are also urging the police to perform a welfare check at his address at the earliest. 

A few other social media users have lambasted the conspiracy theorists for equating Sabrina Prater to a psychopathic serial killer when he might simply be a queer person from a poor family. "The “conspiracies” around Sabrina Prater on TikTok make some so fucking mad. The utter disgust y’all are showing for an improvised trans woman who is potentially struggling with addiction is insane," a Twitter user said. 

Another wrote, "feel like the whole Sabrina Prater thing is sad bc it def just seems like a bunch of transphobic ppl are ganging up on a poverty stricken trans woman because they don’t fit their stereotype of a pretty young trans woman who can transition. It’s horrible the things ppl are saying"



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