'sMothered': Sunhe meddles with Jason and Viviana's divorce hearing, fans call out her 'controlling behavior'

Sunhe and Angelica decided to accompany Jason for his divorce hearing but fans think she needs to mind her own business

                            'sMothered': Sunhe meddles with Jason and Viviana's divorce hearing, fans call out her 'controlling behavior'
Jason, Angelica and Sunhe (TLC)

Sunhe and Angelica have always been close but things changed between the mother-daughter duo when Jason entered the picture. Angelica and Jason were quick to get close and it wasn't appreciated by Sunhe. She was not happy to see her daughter getting close to someone else. However, that did not stop Angelica from getting close to him. 

In the previous season, Jason had asked Angelica to marry him but she knew it would not come as good news for her mother. She decided to hide it for a while but the truth finally came out. However, Sunhe made it clear that she won't approve of the marriage until Jason was to divorce Viviana. Viviana and Jason had been married for nearly seven to eight years. The two got married when they were young and after spending some time together, they realized it was an immature decision. Jason revealed Viviana didn't know Sunhe and Angelica were going to be there for the divorce.

She felt uncomfortable and to make things worse, she was not too happy about Sunhe trying o question her on multiple things. Viviana thought Sunhe had to mind her own business and not ask questions but that was not stopping Sunhe. Sunhe expressed her discomfort after finding out that Jason and Viviana still had a bank account together. She tried to make Angelica understood how that wasn't right especially since they had separated for five years. To make things worse, Sunhe asked Viviana if she still loved Jason.

Viviana became emotional hearing this question and confessed she did. While the answer left everyone surprised, fans were not pleased to see how Sunhe was interfering in matters that did not involve her. "Who the hell do Angelica and Sunhe think they are?? Who shows up to someone else's divorce signing?? Absolutely ridiculous and creepy. The soon to be ex-wife has every right to snap on those two nut jobs!!" read one comment. 

"Now why does Sunhe’s controlling azz need to be there? She’s too much," another user asked while a third wrote, "This mom Sunhe needs to mind her own business."

'sMothered' airs on Sundays at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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