'sMothered': Brittani reveals she had weight-loss surgery at 18, fans slam Mary for glorifying plastic surgery

'sMothered': Brittani reveals she had weight-loss surgery at 18, fans slam Mary for glorifying plastic surgery
Brittani and Mary (TLC)

Mary and Brittani are best friends and a mother-daughter pair. The duo has always had a close relationship and Brittani has made sure that there are no secrets between them. In the latest episode (May 31), Brittni hinted she was conscious about her weight and was planning on getting a tummy tuck. 

Brittani further revealed she had been conscious of her weight ever since she was a young girl. After struggling with her weight for a long time, Brittani finally decided to get a gastric sleeve surgery at 18. She was happy to lose weight but it seemed like she was going back to the old place with her body. With her graduation party coming soon, Brittani revealed she wanted to feel her best, and to make that happen, surgery was the best solution. Mary supported Brittani as she thought there was nothing wrong with the surgery. She opened up about the number of surgeries she has had in the past. 

Mary revealed she has had liposuction, upper and lower eyelid surgery, fat transfer to the face and nearly five breast augmentation. She further opened up about what she really thought about surgeries. Mary was quick to state that her philosophy was "if you want to fix it, go for it."

She did not think plastic surgeries were bad as they only helped in feeling good about themselves. May stated it was important for people to do what they wanted instead of thinking about what society might say. While Brittani seemed to be satisfied with her decision of getting another surgery, Mary thought it would be best to get a colon cleanse instead. 

Mary revealed the cleanse would help her shed some weight and make her stomach look flatter. Brittani agreed and the duo decided to have this experience together. However, fans were disappointed to see how Mary did not stop Brittani from getting the surgery when she was 18. 

"This relationship is TOXIC between the Florida #sMothered family! Promoting getting all these plastic surgeries? She’s obviously not mentally stable - she’s putting her daughter at risk for a breakdown! Unbelievable," read one comment. "I’m sorry but a gastric sleeve at 18 years old is absolutely ridiculous," another added.

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