'sMothered': Brittani comes out as bisexual but Mary asks if she's sure since she's still a virgin

Brittani and Mary share a tight bond and after a lot of contemplation, Brittani has finally revealed her big secret

                            'sMothered': Brittani comes out as bisexual but Mary asks if she's sure since she's still a virgin
Brittani and Mary (TLC)

Brittani and Mary's relationship is not like the ordinary mother-daughter duo as the two have always lived with each other like best friends. In the latest episode (July 5), Brittani opened up about going out for a coffee with her old friend, Louis. Louis and Brittany have known each other since the 11th grade and after reuniting at her graduation party, the pair thought it would be good to reconnect again. 

Mary was excited that Brittani was finally going on a date with a guy and could move on from her ex-crush, Zack. Brittani was disappointed when Zack did not show up at the party but fortunately for her, Louis was there to support her. Hearing the news about Brittani going out, Mary based to take selfies to update her about what was happening. 

Excited, Brittani did not hesitate to do so when she went out for coffee. Speaking to the camera, Brittani hinted that she liked Louis because he was unlike the other guys who just wanted to have sex. While their date went well, there was a big secret Brittani had been keeping from her mother for a long time. 

Brittani finally dared to come out to her mother and informed Mary that she is bisexual. Mary was shocked and asked her how she could be sure about it if she had never had sex with anyone. Explaining her point to the camera, Mary stated that for one to know they are bisexual, they should have been intimate with both the genders. 

Brittani explained that her first love was a girl and they had kissed. She further added that she had known about this for a long time. While Mary found it hard to believe at first, she managed to come around and offered her full support. Mary said she knew families where children struggle to get accepted by their parents and added that she did not want Brittani to feel that way. 

Mary was worried about what the society might think but made it clear that no matter what happens, she will always be there for her daughter. Brittani felt good about her mom's reaction and stated that she wanted to find a woman who was as beautiful as her mother to make sure she could love her as much as she loved her mother. 

The two hugged it out and Brittani finally felt good about revealing her secret. 

'sMothered' airs on Sundays at 10 pm ET on TLC. 

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