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'sMothered': Laurie pushes Sarah towards marriage as their outing leads to an unexpected health scare

Laurie's health has had her concerned about the time she has in hand and hopes Sarah will get married soon
Sarah and Laurie (TLC)
Sarah and Laurie (TLC)

Sarah has always been protective of her mother, Laurie and the two never fail to miss a chance where they can spend some time together. In the latest episode (July 5), Laurie and Sarah decided to go to a dog show along with their dogs and thought it would be a fun way to spend some time together. Every year the mother-daughter duo would head to the place and make new memories. While Laurie thought she could take the travel and heat, things took a different turn when she started feeling dizzy. Sarah grew concerned thinking her mother's health was slowly deteriorating but she was soon assured by Laurie that everything was fine. 

As the two managed to enjoy the rest of the event, one thing that had been lurking in Laurie's mind was to see Sarah get married. Miguel and Sarah have been dating for more than five years but it seems like marriage is not on their mind. Laurie had hinted that she wanted to see Sarah get married while she was there and added how she would love to see Sarah have a child of her own. However, this conversation was not appreciated by Miguel. He did not like being put in a spot where he was being questioned about his decision to get married. 

Sarah decided to clear the air when it came to the topic of marriage. She hinted that Miguel was not a big fan of talking about marriage in front of Laurie. Sarah hinted that marriage was on cards but it was not something they are thinking of at the moment. While the discussion left Laurie disappointed, she hoped things would turn out as she hoped they would. 

Another thought that had been pressing Laurie was the idea that Miguel was not good enough for her daughter. Knowing that her health was uncertain, Laurie hoped Sarah gets with a man who was confident enough to make a decision and did not hesitate to be committed to her. 

These thoughts made Laurie wonder if Sarah should be with someone else. While Sarah disagreed, Laurie hoped that Sarah and Miguel would get married soon and start a family. 

'sMothered' airs on Sundays at 10 pm ET on TLC.