American Idol host Ryan Seacrest's creepy comments to Katy Perry caught live

The host's creepy comments to the 'Roar' singer have not gone unnoticed. Seacrest was unaware of the fact that he was live on television

                            American Idol host Ryan Seacrest's creepy comments to Katy Perry caught live
Ryan Seacrest (Source:Getty Images)

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest has been caught openly and awkwardly flirting with Katy Perry who is a judge on the show. Seacrest was also unaware of the fact that he was live on television. 

The awkward moment occurred on the most recent episode of the show just as the show returned on break. Seacrest was not aware that he was back on air and Perry even attempted to help him out. She whispered, "We’re on" but he took no notice and insisted on going on complimenting the 'I kissed a girl' star. 

Seacrest's compliments seemed quite weird and he was heard saying, "Your mum’s pretty" to which a surprised Perry replied saying "My mum?!". With a wink and a smile to the camera, Perry was able to help Ryan realize that they were live. Perry added, "Well, I hope the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree."

However, even that did not stop the determined Seacrest from continuing to flirt openly. "You are, too. But you’re not a mum ... yet," he told her. "Not yet," Perry said. "You wanna talk about it?" Seacrest shamelessly asked as judge Lionel Richie warned, "Don’t start."

The strange interaction did not go unnoticed and everything was heard. The painfully awkward moment left many fans and viewers totally creeped out.

Fans took to various social media platforms to express their opinions and thoughts on Seacrest's questionable behavior. 

Earlier this week, Seacrest was at the center of another scandal when stylist Suzie Hardy who worked with him on E!News revealed that Seacrest had groped her and also gave her a bear hug while wearing nothing but his underwear amongst many other shocking and shameful claims. 

Ryan denied all the allegations made against him and described them as "salacious". 

As reported by Hollywood Reporter, Hardy said, "These were not new allegations to Ryan, E! and many in my close-knit circle of family and friends. I gave a full account of my experience to the E! HR department in 2012, while I was still employed. Soon after my truthful confession, I was let go without severance, compensation or any credible explanation. After six years of faithful work and dedication that included humiliating episodes of inappropriate advances, touching, groping and assault, I was gone, just like that."

"It was never my intention to go public. When I was enduring harassment, I stayed away from HR because I was informed it was a one-way ticket to the unemployment line. But because so many of the incidents occurred in front of other people, the HR actually called me in to ask if there was something going on romantically between my boss and me. When asked on the spot, I spilled everything to them … and then was systematically flushed," she added.

"All I wanted was an apology, some validation and some real action to protect women in the workplace," she shared.