Russian reality TV star had sex with a stranger in return for money which helped her fund her mother's cancer treatment

24-year-old Russian reality TV star Anastasia Kochervey said she had to act quickly when her mother was diagnosed with the disease and she was not proud of her actions.

                            Russian reality TV star had sex with a stranger in return for money which helped her fund her mother's cancer treatment
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It is not uncommon to see people in dire need of money resort to starting a public fundraising page to help with medical costs for their loved ones or to kickstart a new product launch. However, a reality TV star was reduced to taking care of her money problems on her own.

Model Anastasia Kochervey needed money for the treatment of her mother who was recently diagnosed with cancer, and so she had sex with a man who promised to pay her in return for the favor, reported Mirror UK.

The Russian TV star said she had to act quickly after her mother was diagnosed with the disease. Kochervey stars in the Russian reality show Dom 2 and is just 24 years old.

At first, Anastasia began selling her gold jewelry at a pawn shop, only to find that the cash was not enough for her mother's treatment. So in order to cover the remaining requirement of $479 (30,000 RUB) and had sex with an anonymous man.

Before people decide to judge her, the 24-year-old actress says it is a "gift" that her mother is alive and makes it clear that she is not proud of her actions. Initially, the TV star asked Andrey Shabarlyn, a fellow cast member who she is dating, for help, but in vain. According to recent reports, their relationship is a rocky one, to say the least.

According to Anastasia, her father was going through a rough financial situation at the time, and her boyfriend was the only man in her life who she could ask for support. However, Shabarlyn refused to help her with the funds.

She explained: "We were together for about a month when my mother got diagnosed with cancer and I had to act quickly. He said that I am a cynical beast, and all I wanted him for is money. I was showing him papers that showed that all the examinations were expensive and I simply had no one else to turn to. This is how we got into a fight and I stumbled." 

But that did not deter Anastasia from helping her mum. She had sex with the anonymous man twice and he paid his dues to her in hard cash, helping her save her mother.

Following the reimbursement, the reality TV star claimed that she was able to get a bank loan to cover the ongoing treatment costs. She also added that she confessed to her boyfriend about what she had done to make ends meet and that she could never lie to him.

Anastasia said: "Ever since, he has been judging me and calling me a prostitute. I am not proud of it, but at least I have a living mother and for me, this is a gift from God."

The model even said that she could no longer take the psychological abuse from her boyfriend and reportedly had tried to commit suicide by swallowing pills.

Fortunately, another cast member of the same show found her in time and saved her, according to local media.