Who is Galina Morozova? Politician bludgeons her son, 12, to death with dumbbell, buries body in basement

Galina Morozova has been arrested for bludgeoning son Aleksandr Parakhnyakov to death after he sneaked off to a sleepover, defying her rules

                            Who is Galina Morozova? Politician bludgeons her son, 12, to death with dumbbell, buries body in basement
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A female politician has been arrested for bludgeoning her son to death for defying her diktat against sleepovers. 56-year-old Russian politician Galina Morozova has been arrested for bludgeoning her 12-year-old son Aleksandr Parakhnyakov to death, after he sneaked off to a sleepover, defying her rules.

After he returned home, she stabbed him in the ear with the sharpened end of a plastic hairbrush and then slammed a metal dumbbell over his head, several times. Following this, she reported him missing and then played the role of a frantic mother on social media. Three months later, Aleksandr's body was found cemented into the floor of the basement. She will be jailed for fourteen years. 

Morozova's elder son, Denis, 36, reported her to the police in June. Morozova was “calm and cold blooded” when she confessed to the murder and appeared not to regret it, police said.  However she dissolved into tears as a court heard a list of her son's injuries. Investigators told the court she had acted alone in murdering her son, who was a talented Taekwondo star and junior pianist. “Morozova confessed to her hostile attitude towards her son,” said prosecutor’s officer spokeswoman prosecutor's office Yulia Svitina. “She stated that his behaviour was completely uncontrollable, and he did not succumb to education.”
She is said to have told detectives she had banned Alexander from going to the sleepover and was angry he had disobeyed her.

The boy “died on the spot”, said an investigative committee. A statement of the committee said: “The boy left home on March 4 and returned the next day in the morning. He was confronted by his mother and they started arguing. During the quarrel, the woman grabbed a dumbbell and hit the boy on the head several times. He died from his injuries on the spot. The mother hid his body in the basement and poured it with cement. “Then she put the boy’s smartphone and the dumbbell into a plastic bag and threw it into the river.”

On March 6, the mother reported him missing, actively took part in searches, lying that she saw him on CCTV footage in Astrakhan city. She had even made an emotional online appeal for him to return. However, she later confessed to the killing and showed detectives where the body was buried. Cops and volunteers scoured the streets and outskirts of the city of Astrakhan, southwestern Russia for Aleksander, but obviously, to on avail. 
However, on June 19, after receiving a tip-off, cops raided the family’s house and found the boy’s body entombed in concrete in the cellar. After the body was discovered, Morozova confessed to murdering Aleksandr and showed where she had hidden her son’s smartphone and the murder weapon, police said.
She said: “My situation made me wonder what I can do to prevent other children from repeating the mistakes of my youngest son.
“How can I protect other families from the same grief as mine?” Morozova is a well-known local politician who tried unsuccessfully last year to become governor of her region.

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