Man chops off wife's hands with an ax because he thought she was cheating on him

Margarita, the wife of 27-year-old Dmitry Grachyov, has been hailed as an 'inspiration' for overcoming the torture at the hands of her husband

                            Man chops off wife's hands with an ax because he thought she was cheating on him

An abusive Russian husband is facing up to ten years in jail after he chopped off his wife's hands with an ax and was declared mentally competent enough to stand trial. 

27-year-old Dmitry Grachyov told a court about his fears that his wife Margarita was cheating on him and that he was seeking revenge. Grachyov has been stripped off of his parental rights, meaning he will never be able to see his two children again or play any part in their upbringing. The announcement led Margarita to express her relief in court.

The brutal husband dragged the 26-year-old mother-of-two into his car and drove her to a forest in December last year. He then proceeded to tie her up, forced her to kneel, and then chopped off her wrists with an ax, Daily Mail reports.


The woman's spirit has been lauded in Russia where she is being hailed as an "inspiration" after she sought to move past the medieval torture at the hands of her own husband. While her left hand was successfully re-attached by surgeons, her right arm had to be replaced with a "robot" appendage which she is still getting used to.

Grachyov is to be charged with threatening Margarita with murder, kidnapping her, and subsequently causing her severe bodily harm, prosecutors announced.

Earlier reports claimed he would face lesser charges with a maximum sentence of three years in prison. However, if he is convicted, he could face up to ten years behind bars.

Psychiatric tests taken before the charges were brought ruled that he was fit to stand trial. He told the judge "from an iron cage" in the closed-session court in Serpukhov that he was a "loving father."

Nonetheless, for a month before he dismembered his wife, he was said he was "unable to think of anything else than the fact that she was unfaithful."

Margarita denied ever cheating on her husband, who sent her threatening messages from his jail cell, and admitted that she was seeking a divorce after his unreasonable conduct.

Dmitry Grachyov behind bars. (Facebook)
Dmitry Grachyov behind bars. (Facebook)

Having said that, her lawyer, Olga Rusiyan, said her client was "happy" that Grachyov had been prohibited from making contact with her or her kids. "The rights of her children have been protected," she said. The embattled mother also revealed how, to her horror, her husband was "totally calm" when he severed her hands.

"Unfortunately, I felt all the pain very much. I was dreaming that I would faint. I kept thinking all the time, why am I not fainting? When he raised his ax, I just closed my eyes, I didn't look at it…(when my hands were chopped off)."

Dmitry Grachyov (L) and his wife Margarita. (Facebook)
Dmitry Grachyov (L) and his wife Margarita. (Facebook)

Earlier, Margarita had slammed judges for not stripping her husband of his parental rights. That said, according to her, her sons were "proud" of her bionic arm. "'Mum you are like a robot,' they like to repeat. People on streets often turn their heads. Sometimes they come to wish me well. Recently, a man came and said: 'Please can I shake your hand, you are an incredibly strong woman.' Of course, it helps me a lot to hear things like this."

She said: "I play bowling even though it's not like with healthy hands. I can't lift a real full-size ball. My prosthetic hand is too fragile. I still struggle with buttons and laces, but I had a tremendous victory over a zip. I am learning to write with a pen. It's hard as pens are too thin to hold, so they keep sliding out. But I am stubborn, I'll keep trying. I want to be back to normal life and do something good and useful as soon as possible."

Margarita has extended her gratefulness to people all over the country who helped her raise money for expenses. "I want to say thank you, again and again to them all. If I didn't have this money, my life would have been completely different," she said.