'Russian Doll' season 1: Fans call it 'the best series' of 2019, demand a season 2 already

'Russian Doll' that was created, produced, directed and written by Amy Poehler, Leslye Headland, and Natasha Lyonne has received enthusiastic reviews by fans and critics alike.

                            'Russian Doll' season 1: Fans call it 'the best series' of 2019, demand a season 2 already

Netflix's new series, 'Russian Doll' premiered on the streaming giant on February 1 and is already being hailed as the first great show of 2019. The series that was created, produced, directed and written by an all-female crew consisting of Amy Poehler,  Leslye Headland, and Natasha Lyonne has received enthusiastic reviews by critics. Especially Lyonne's performance as Nadia was praised by many.   

The series revolves around Nadia and Alan (Charlie Barnett) who are stuck in an infinite loop of dying and coming back to life as the duo tries to help each other and find the lesson life is trying to teach them in order to break the loop. Waiting for the series to release for a long time, the minute it reached Netflix, fans of the show binge- watched it and revealed what they thought about 'Russian Doll' and their overall opinion was nothing less than amazing. 



"This was the best show I've seen in I don't know how long. Writing was solid, plot was solid, acting was solid, casting - all of it. I binged it all today and am kinda still processing it, but holy shit," wrote an excited fan. While another added, "This is definitely one of the best shows I’ve seen on Netflix. Excellent characters, interesting premise, hilarious writing and great music. It actually made me put my phone down and pay attention. I want more and can’t wait for the second season." 

Apart from rave reviews and opinion on the newly released series, some fans revealed that they wouldn't mind if the series does not have another season because it is best just the way it is. And they do not mind watching the same season over again. "I think it could totally be a stand-alone. They learned to embrace the best parts of themselves and others and live happily ever after. Part of me wants a season 2 and part of me wants to just leave them alone in their bliss," said a fan. Another fan added saying, "The only problem I have is that I wish it was just a stand-alone season. I just don’t feel like they can too this but I hope to be pleasantly surprised." 



The news of season 2 is still not confirmed, as Leslye Headland revealed to MEAWW in an interview previously saying, "You know, I can't speak to you about that. When we initially pitched the show to Netflix, we pitched three seasons and I think that the subject of those seasons and the possibilities of those are things that I can't speak to you about this time. But I will say that shooting with Natasha and Charlie, and shooting that storyline was so fulfilling."  

But, that is not stopping fans who want another season from asking for what they would like to see and reveal how excited they are waiting for the series to be renewed.  "I kind of want an anthology for Season 2... or exploring some offshoot of Season 1... or an alternate reality," wrote one fan. And another fan expressed her excitement for the series and hopes they have a second season. "SUCH A GREAT FRICKIN SHOW! I just got done binge watching the whole season and I can honestly say this is a new favorite show of mine, I hope there’s more seasons in store for us!!! @nlyonne @_CharlieBarnett." 



Apart from fans' reviews and love they shared for the series and Lyonne herself, critics also feel the same. 'Russian Doll' received an overall of 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes  and if you are someone who still hasn't watched the series, it is highly recommended that you do. And surely you will be left with no regrets.