Russian child model, 6, dubbed 'most beautiful girl in the world' by fans after she poses for fashion brands

Russian child model, 6, dubbed 'most beautiful girl in the world' by fans after she poses for fashion brands
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A child model from Russia who has been dubbed the 'cutest girl in the world' has garnered more than 22,000 followers on Instagram. Alina Yakupova, 6,  from Moscow has been modeling ever since she was four years old. She has made a name for herself given she has appeared in many fashion campaigns for the clothing brand Monnalisa Kids, Russian brand Yudashkin kids, and Gloria Jeans. 

She has also been seen on the pages on fashion magazines such as Instyle and Grazia. The young model has stunned the world with her blonde locks and radiant smile and has several thousand followers. Her Instagram handle features her latest photoshoots as well as her features. 

She has fans from across the globe from places such as Germany, Costa Rica, and California. One fan commented on one of her pictures saying, "This little girl is more beautiful than I'll ever be omg."  Another fan added, "So cute, so sweet! Little, little Angel!" A third fan shared, "You're the cutest girl in the world."

She was also called a 'princess' and an 'angel' by several other fans who took to social media to comment on her pictures. 

Yakupova is represented by the children's modeling agency, President Kids (PK) Management. She has also been praised by her manager, Roman Kukhar, for her dedicated work ethic and progression through the industry. 

As reported by the DailyMail, he said, "I'm sure that the secret of Alina's success lies not only in her unearthly beauty but also in hard work and constant self-development, despite her young age." 

In 2017, another young model from Russia, Anastasia Knyazeva, gained a lot of fame. She was also represented by PK Management and had starred in several fashion campaigns for Russian brands such as Chobi Kids, Amoreco, and Kisabiano. French model Thylane Blondeau, now 18, was the youngest model to star in the French Vogue at the age of 6. 


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