Couple falls from ninth floor while having sex, woman dies while man limps back naked to continue partying

It initially looked like a brutal sex crime with the victim naked waist down. The police soon realized that the woman cushioned out the impact for the man, saving his life.

                            Couple falls from ninth floor while having sex, woman dies while man limps back naked to continue partying

In a bizarre incident, a woman died after falling from the ninth floor of a building while having sex, in St Petersburg, Russia.

The incident was reported on July 5. Witnesses at the scene saw a television come crashing down from a window of an apartment block. The idiot box was shortly followed by a couple, who landed on wet concrete. While the woman died from the impact, the man was saved after the former managed to cushion his fall. The man, who suffered minor injuries, reportedly got on his feet and staggered back naked to the party in the building, the Sun reported.

The report said the couple would have fallen some 120 ft. After the police arrived at the scene, they assumed that the woman's death was the result of a brutal sex killing. They also investigated the theory that the TV set might have killed the woman. However, the theory was tossed aside as it did not explain why the deceased was missing her clothes. 

The investigators were then informed by witnesses that there was a small party going on at the time inside the building, which was attended by both the man and the woman. Witnesses said it was attended by two others too. They were accompanied by a mutual friend at the party. 

It was during the bash that one of the attendees threw the TV set out of the window, reportedly after the raucous party drew neighbors. The man and woman in question then proceeded to have sex on the window sill before the latter plunged headfirst.  

"The woman was in his pants, from which it was concluded that they made love and fell out the window," an eyewitness told a Russian news outlet 5-tv. Another witness told the outlet that the man landed on some bushes and not directly on the concrete, which might have saved his life.

Ambulances were called to the scene. The man was tracked down by the police and interrogated. It was not clear if he was detained. The identities of both the deceased and the man are withheld. An investigation into the incident is currently on. 

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