Babysitter beheads 6-year-old boy with kitchen knife in drug-fuelled rage as mother delivers 6th child at hospital

The accused allegedly took 'designer drugs' and alcohol at the time of decapitating the child

                            Babysitter beheads 6-year-old boy with kitchen knife in drug-fuelled rage as mother delivers 6th child at hospital
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A babysitter has been arrested for allegedly murdering a six-year-old boy, while his mother was delivering another baby at the hospital. The tragic incident took place in the city of Engels, Russia, when the accused identified as Sergey Podgornov beheaded the kid using a kitchen knife in a "drug-fuelled rage". At the time of the reported crime, the little boy’s mother – 36-year-old Elena – was giving birth to her sixth child at the local hospital. The headless body of the child was reportedly discovered by his stepfather, Mikhail Grushin, in the kitchen of their family home after he came back.

According to a report in The Sun, a police source revealed that the 47-year-old killer babysitter first told investigators that he "did not remember" beheading the young boy.  Later, Podgornov confessed to the murder, which was recorded at the crime scene. But he did not give an explanation behind his cruel act.

Reports said Podgornov is facing 15 years behind bars. He allegedly took “designer drugs” and alcohol at the time of severing the head of the child, a Russian law enforcement source said. "I went out, sat on the porch and lit a cigarette. Then I came back, drank another glass of alcohol and I finally realized what I had done. I went out to wait for the police,” Podgornov said to the police.

Meanwhile, Arina Kuznetsova, the victim’s 15-year-old sister, said the boy was her mother’s fifth child. The elder sibling also stated that when her brother was murdered, her mother was at the hospital giving birth to their other sibling. The boy’s mother is still in the maternity hospital. Authorities said their attempt to speak with Elena failed due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

In another incident, a teenage babysitter was awarded life imprisonment for stabbing and strangling a little boy to death. Hunter MacIntosh, 9, was killed by Daniel Cameron after he stabbed and strangled the child to death in Southland, New Zealand. The killer was 15-year-old when he committed the crime. On the day of the murder, Cameron had asked three friends on Snapchat, "What would you do if I killed someone?" Reports also said the victim had three large stab wounds to his chest and had marks consistent with asphyxia on his neck, which also suggested that he had been killed within 90 minutes of being with Cameron.

"He is a brutal murderer, his age should have no influence on his sentence and no sentence will ever compare to the sentence he has given Hunter and us. Life really is a 'no life' sentence for Hunter,” MacIntosh’s grieving mother said. "People say, try to remember the good times - I remember finding my son dead - a knife protruding his stomach, blood around his mouth - him being so pale and knowing that I could not do anything to save him.”

Justice Rachel Dunningham told Cameron that  the "impact of your offending has been devastating." "It's every parent's worst nightmare and the (victim's) family are living with that nightmare," she added.

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