'RuPaul's Secret Celebrity Drag Race': Fans slam 'weak' finale and demand famous celebrities on the show

'RuPaul's Secret Celebrity Drag Race': Fans slam 'weak' finale and demand famous celebrities on the show
'RuPaul's Secret Celebrity Drag Race' (VH1)

When ‘RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race’ was announced, fans were excited at the opportunity to see famous celebrities dress up as drag queens and unleash their drag personas. Unfortunately, for fans the celebrities, who can on the show although popular, weren’t very famous or easily recognizable. Following the pilot episode, fans slammed the showrunners for roping in celebrities who nobody knew anything about.
But, when Vanessa Williams was brought in for the second episode, fans were immediately excited about seeing her and decided that maybe the future episodes might have celebrities. The third episode too left fans content, when all the three contestants were declared as winners. So, when it was finally time for the finale, they had very high hopes from it.
Unfortunately, the show couldn’t meet up to fans’ high expectations. The three contestants on the finale were Phoebe Robinson, Madison Beer, and Hayley Kiyoko. Most fans couldn’t recognize any of these women and were puzzled as to where the celebrities were. Several fans took to their Twitter to express their disappointment with the show’s finale.
A fan tweeted, “This is the finale of #celebdragrace? Two nobodies and a canceled court jester? They should do celeb drag race again and they can absolutely get real famous people. Vanessa Williams deserves better company. #RuPaulsDragRace.” Another fan wrote, “Weak episode to end the season with, but Hayley was the right choice for this episode's winner. Still think episode 3 would have made for a better finale, especially with that triple win. I do hope we get a second, maybe longer, season tho ! It's fun ! #CelebDragRace.”
“Last weeks episode should’ve been the season finale. #celebdragrace #celebritydragrace #RPDR #DragRace,” expressed a fan. Another fan shared, “Im actually disappointed watching this finale... and BORED. #CelebDragRace.” “#CelebDragRace why is this the finale.... it should have been the episode with @LoniLove and @VWOfficial this is cute but end with the big stars,” wondered a fan. “How dare they air this nonsense as the finale of #CelebDragRace byeee hope this doesn’t get renewed ,” shared a fan. "When the "celebrities' " friend @WhitneyCummings is more famous than the "celebrity". What a sad finale to a mediocre four-part attempt. Who the hell are these people? #CelebDragRace," wrote a fan. 


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