'RuPaul's Drag Race, All Stars' frontrunners: Look out for the 'Ooh Ah Ah Sensation' this season

'RuPaul's Drag Race, All Stars' frontrunners: Look out for the 'Ooh Ah Ah Sensation' this season

'RuPaul's Drag Race - All Stars' season 4 recently began and has fans waiting for episode 2 to air on Friday. With the first elimination done and dusted, the remaining nine contestants all battle it out to see who will be crowned as the All Star of season 4. 

With more drama, glitz, and glamour to witness in the show, it is going to be hard to predict who might end up winning the title, because every queen is great in their own way with their very own talent. After seeing Jasmine Masters eliminated in the last episode based on her Variety Show performance, it reinforced it is anyone's game.

All they can do is prepare well and we can't wait to see how the show turns out. Based out of last week's Variety Show performance, here is my opinion as to who deserves to go all the way this season.


Monique Heart

The first, according to me, with the highest chance of going all the way in the competition is our very own "Ooh Ah Ah Sensation" queen herself. Debuting her single, 'Brown Cow Stunning' that is based out of her catchphrase from season 10.

Her performance was a big win for her because she radiated with confidence and was ferocious in every move she made while she sang. She is definitely among the frontrunners to be looking out for because she knows what she's doing. She can dance, sing and entertain the audience. What more does she need to become the All-Star?


Manila Luzon

Next up to look out for is Manila Luzon. After her variety performance, there is no doubt that she is among the frontrunners for the crown. While we watched her race against the clock to finish her painting, we had no idea what she was doing. But the end results were just breathtaking. When she flipped over her finished painting, it was revealed that she had painted a picture perfect representation of a flower vase.

But that's not all, she takes it one step further and showcases what she was wearing underneath her smock. It was a beautiful dress that matched her painting. Taking on risk is all what the Queens are about. And Manila did it just right. Unlike just singing or dancing or lipsyncing she did something different. Something no other queen has ever tried on the show. 


Trinity the Tuck

It is safe to say that we have not seen anyone tuck the way she has. As funny as it was, she sure did educate everyone on some good tucking. Who said lyrics need to rhyme to be funny? After she revealed her final tuck, she had everyone shocked as to where her p***s might be.

Her tuck and her humor are just what she needs to continue to be on the show. She may look like she is not among the ones to be looked out for. But she is currently among the rest of the frontrunners, who has a high chance to steal the crown. 


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