'Run On' Episode 9 Spoilers: Has Dan-ah ruined it with Yeong-hwa? Their banter is what we live for right now

'Run on' Episode 9 sees Dan-ah manage to anger Yeong-hwa with her inconsiderate expectations of Yeong-hwa. She considers him as nothing but a source that can be used to one-up her stepbrother

                            'Run On' Episode 9 Spoilers: Has Dan-ah ruined it with Yeong-hwa? Their banter is what we live for right now
Im Siwan and Shin Se-kyung in 'Run On' episode 9 (JTBC)

'Run On' Episode 9 begins with Mi-joo (Shin Se-kyung) and Seon-gyeom (Im Siwan) getting closer as they work together and this time, it is on Mi-joo's playing field -- a movie shoot. Seon-gyeom has been hired as a driver for the American who works on the film. He is hired especially because he cannot speak English. While he is learning new things and seeing new sights with Mi-joo, his father is off planning his matrimony with the daughter from a business conglomerate family. This happens to be none other than Dan-ah, who used to manage Seon-gyeom while he was still an athlete. Seon-gyeom's father believes that his interest in Mi-joo is just a passing phase, but he would be wrong of course.

At this point, the relationship between Mi-joo and Seon-gyeom has not been labeled. It is in the phase where both of them are hesitating, wondering if it is okay to be with the other person and thinking of all the missteps that could be taken in the way. Despite that, Seon-gyeom has already told Mi-joo that he does like her as well. This, while she was drunk out of her mind of course, so she doesn't remember and episode 9 is where Seon-gyeom would remind her.

Sooyoung and Kang Tae-oh in 'Run On' episode 9. (JTBC)

While Seon-gyeom is on a journey, attempting to find a part of himself that he had lost after retiring as an athlete, his father interrupts again and this time he visits the movie set that Mi-joo is working on. His father tries to act sweet, get the film that she is working on funded hoping that her relationship with his son was nothing but a fling. However, Seon-gyeom is getting more attached to Mi-joo than he had imagined possible. However, he is still unable to process feelings the way the majority of the others would. He doesn't see why living with Mi-joo while considering marriage with Dan-ah might be strange for others. For him, the former is his interest and the latter, his father's.

In the meantime, Yeong-hwa (Kang Tae-oh) and Dan-ah's (Sooyoung) relationship is turning out to be a lot more interesting than the lead couple's as the two of them have to battle prejudice, class, and even a huge age gap to make anything romantic work between them. In fact, the relationship between Dan-ah and her manager is quite adorable too. She struggles to one-up her stepbrother who has been treated fairly better than her all because he is a boy, and this is despite him being incapable. So her frustration is palpable and understandable too. So she also has to find Yeong-hwa worth her time and effort to invest in any relationship.

Dan-ah ends up burning bridges wherever she goes because she is partly self-destructive, and partly doesn't just want to form close relationships anymore. In this vein, she also ends up ruining her relationship with Yeong-hwa by looking down on him and his work as nothing but a way of putting her step-brother in place. This incites Yeong-hwa into ruining a work that he was painting for her. Can they reconcile after this big blowout?

'Run On' episodes air on Wednesdays and Thursdays on JTBC in Seoul, South Korea, and can be streamed on Netflix in the US.

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