'Run On' Episode 2: Does Seon-gyeom's drunk kiss mean anything or is Moo-ji in for a disappointment?

'Run On' with two episodes in has given us the insight into what kind of people its lead characters are, and for now, they are refreshing

                            'Run On' Episode 2: Does Seon-gyeom's drunk kiss mean anything or is Moo-ji in for a disappointment?
Im Siwan and Shin Se-kyung (JTBC)

'Run On' Episode 2 is more of an episode that shows us where each of its lead characters stands and the kind of people they are. For instance, from the very beginning, it was clear that Seon-gyeom (Im Siwan) was not aware of the workings of the world, but Mi-joo (Shin Se-kyung) was forced to grow up faster because she lived without a family so the two of them are in a way opposite to each other and have life experiences that the other lacks. So if the two were to date, life for the initial part at least would be entertaining. In episode 2, we see proof of this when coincidentally Seon-gyeom and Mi-joo end up going out for a movie. Of course, it was supposed to be a thank you lunch from Mi-joo to Seon-gyeom, for helping her out when she was almost scammed. However, Seon-gyeom ended up almost missing the appointment. 

You see, it was just before this that Seon-gyeom had gotten into a conflict with a few of his junior athletes who had ended up bullying another athlete. The fight progressed into a case of assault too quickly, and this was when Seon-gyeom and interrupted. He saw one of his juniors beaten up so badly that he did not seem capable of walking on his own, forget competing in any track competitions. When Seon-gyeom took him to the hospital, he was informed that his junior would need an implant to get better again. This is what angered Seon-gyeom into taking things into his own hands instead of depending on someone else and he beat up the kids who had bullied his junior. Of course, he hopes that he can get punished and also get the ones who bullied in the first place punished as well. However, no one around him feels that this is a good option. Not even the boy who was bullied. 

A still of Seon-gyeom and Mi-joo in 'Run On' episode 2. (JTBC)

So it is while struggling with this conflict that he is reminded of the date with her and he runs towards her. A track athlete running towards her, as if his life depended on it is what excited Mi-joo so when he asks her if they can do something different instead of grabbing lunch, she takes him to a movie that she had provided subtitles for recently. After that, the two end up grabbing drinks and Seon-gyeom ends up using this outing as a distraction. He also shares why he got into running in the first place and he also shares details that he had otherwise kept private with Mi-joo. At the same time, Mi-joo also shares certain things with Seon-gyeom and also tells him that his straightforward questions and his statements that do hide any ill intentions are things that would make people around him wary. She understands his sincerity and innocence too, so when he gets drunk, she realizes that she finds him attractive as well. 

At this point, Seon-gyeom ends up seeing an actor that the tabloid has been following because they believe that he is in a relationship, and to prove to everyone once and for all that there is no truth to the speculations and the rumors, he ends up planting a sloppy drunk kiss on Mi-joo. He introduces her as his girlfriend and even when she tells him to stop joking and messing around, he says he is sincere. But is he really? We doubt it and we cannot wait to see where this relationship is headed after this kiss. 

'Run On' will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9 pm KST on JTBC and can be streamed on Netflix in the US.

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