'Run On' Episode 4: Seon-gyeom tells dad unwanted love is nothing but violence, will he tell Mi-joo the same?

Mi-joo repeatedly gets frustrated about how Seon-gyeom always prioritizes others over himself

                            'Run On' Episode 4: Seon-gyeom tells dad unwanted love is nothing but violence, will he tell Mi-joo the same?
Im Siwan (JTBC)

'Run On' Episode 4 saw how Seon-gyeom (Im Siwan) was finally able to stand up to his father's unrealistic expectations and caused a huge uproar in the athletes' foundation by confessing to the media that he did assault his juniors and that is the reason why he wouldn't we able to run on that day's event. When the international media is unable to understand him, he requests Mi-joo (Shin Se-kyung) to translate and she gives in. The envelope of money that Seon-gyeom's father had given her doesn't weigh too heavily on her as she never intended on accepting the bribe in the first place.

This entire event blows up and it ends up ruining Seon-gyeom's reputation domestically. His father reacts to the entire situation just as we had expected. First by throwing a tantrum at his son for creating a scene without considering the position that his father would be put in. Second, he tries to clean the mess that his son created by using money and abusing his power. Of course, this is what angered Seon-gyeom in the first place. So this helps him cement his belief that he was right in standing up to his father and the other senior officials of the athlete confederation. Will he be suspended? The verdict is not out yet but what has become clear is that Mi-joo is interested in her client Seon-gyeom romantically.

When he had tried to ensure his junior who was the actual victim was protected and that Mi-joo was too for translating for him, Mi-joo gets angry because he keeps pushing himself and his safety down while prioritizing others. She tells him that it is important for one to love oneself but he tells her that he is used to the harsh treatment as he had to face the same all his life. This only further enrages her. She tells him that to her, he is the most important, so she will only work as she deems fit and not throw him under the bus.

So when she gets an opportunity to help redeem Seon-gyeom, she does what she feels is right and not the other way around. Later in the day, after much thought, Seon-gyeom realizes that what Mi-joo had told him could very well end up being a confession that she likes him. Being the weird guy that he is, he ends up asking her directly. She tells him that her interest in him is something that she will confess to directly. Not something she will use metaphors for and so saying, she leaves his behind in Jeju. Can the two of them find time to work on the sparkling chemistry or will this fade out in the face of harsh reality? After all, Seon-gyeom is in no state to accept unwanted love. He told his father that love, when forced upon someone and if unwanted, was violence. Would he consider Mi-joo's interest a form of violence too?

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