‘Run' Finale Promo: Billy declares Ruby to be the love of his life and she must choose either him or Lawrence

The promo of the finale episode of 'Run' sees Billy ask Ruby to choose him over Lawrence, but does she want the same?

                            ‘Run' Finale Promo: Billy declares Ruby to be the love of his life and she must choose either him or Lawrence
Merritt Wever and Domhnall Gleeson (HBO)

'Run' Episode 6 saw both Billy (Domhnall Gleeson) and Ruby (Merritt Wever) decide that they will not go to the cops regarding Fiona's (Archie Panjabi) death but would instead board the train that is in the next town according to the train schedule. In the promo, we see both of them sitting in the train and discussing where the two of them are headed in the future. Will arriving at Los Angeles, California, be the end of their affair or would Ruby manage to accept Billy and leave Lawrence for him?

In the promo of the finale episode, Billy clearly says that Ruby is the love of his life. He also seems anxious about Ruby returning to her husband Lawrence despite everything that the two of them have gone through in the past. In fact, the reason why Billy had decided to board the train instead of going forward with his plan of informing the cops of the truth about Fiona's death was that Ruby had hinted at making their affair something that is of a more stable nature, more permanent. She had said let's 'Run'. As if the two of them should end up together at LA before they decide anything.

She had even told him that she doesn't want things between them to end at a town in the middle of nowhere. She has a coquettish grin when she suggests that the two of them run away and Billy changes his mind. In the promo, however, he seems to realize that Ruby might not really leave her husband and that seems to lead to more anger and tension between the two of them. 

Also, the promo features Phoebe Waller-Bridge's taxidermist, whose name we are unaware of as of now, accompany Detective Cloud to a place where the train that Ruby and Billy are on, is halted. She tells the detective to go catch Billy and Ruby. However, the detective might not succeed because we also see both Billy and Ruby on the run behind a track as the two try to get on a running truck. 

We also see a glimpse of Lawrence which makes us wonder if Ruby did the worst and ended up going back to her husband. After all, she did sneak around with Billy's laptop. While we are not aware of what her intentions are, it definitely makes us suspicious. Considering both Billy and Ruby are selfish and do what serves their best interest, we cannot depend on their romantic interlude to have a happy ending. 

New episodes of 'Run' will air on Sundays on HBO.

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