'Run' Episode 6 sees cops learn of 2 out-of-towners present as Ruby and Billy avoid reporting Fiona’s death

'Run' Episode 6 sees cops learn of 2 out-of-towners present as Ruby and Billy avoid reporting Fiona’s death
Domhnall Gleeson and Merritt Wever (HBO)

In episode 5, we saw how Ruby freaked out after realizing that she had left her phone behind in the abandoned house. Both Ruby and Billy had run away after Fiona jumped out of a window to her death. She was impaled by a sharp spike hidden in a bundle of hay. In episode 6, we see Ruby and Billy return to the abandoned house to get her phone. They do get the phone, but the two have a difference in opinion about whether they should call the police or not.

Billy wants to, Ruby doesn't. Ruby also tries to ascertain what exactly happened to Fiona when she was on a call with Lawrence and it sounds like she is blaming Billy of possibly murdering his business partner by pushing her down a window to her death. The tension between the two rises to an insurmountable level because the two have unsaid thoughts and feelings buried between them that they had to air it out in the middle of nowhere.

Turns out that the reason why Billy had a problem with Ruby having a family was because of something that happened in the past between them. When the two of them were together, Ruby had gotten pregnant and she had decided to abort without telling Billy about it. To see someone who didn't want to have his child have two children now in the present has dampened his spirit. He says that he wanted Ruby to have his children and was unhappy after seeing the picture. Ruby aborted because she felt the two of them were too young, but now, she is a mother of two and a wife and her life is not her own anymore. Which is what really brought upon her urge to 'RUN' to Billy in the first place. She accepts that she is selfish, a bad mother and a bad wife, but she was also a good mother and a good wife.

There is this conflict between Billy and Ruby that is still brewing about whether they should report to the police. Billy decides that he will go to the police alone after Ruby confesses that she will lose her kids if Lawrence found out where she really went. However, after seeing that Billy is serious about going without her to the cops, she changes her mind only to change it again when they get to a bar. The plan was to get a drink and then go find cops to tell them what happened. They did not kill Fiona so they cannot be blamed really, or so they think. The two are unaware of the fact that the house was not abandoned after all. A young man did see what happened but he bolted, possibly because he was scared. Then there is also the taxidermist who gave them a ride to the train station. The two witnesses could make things difficult for Ruby and Billy.

Things get further complicated when the taxidermist arrives at the abandoned house to give the man his share of mac and cheese for giving her roadkill to stuff. She sees Fiona on the spike outside the building and calls it in leading to local police beginning an investigation. The local cops don't seem very experienced with handling such crime scenes. Yet, when Detective Cloud questions the taxidermist, she learns that there were two out-of-towners. Billy and Ruby's decision to 'Run' again is going to come back to bite them, and we cannot wait to see how these two selfish, flawed humans are going to deal with the consequences.

New episodes of 'Run' will air on Sundays on HBO.

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