'Run' Episode 5 promo introduces Phoebe Waller-Bridge's cameo as Billy comes clean about sleeping with Fiona

After Fiona jumped off a moving training, Billy and Ruby seem to have followed her, going by the promo released of 'Run' Episode 5

                            'Run' Episode 5 promo introduces Phoebe Waller-Bridge's cameo as Billy comes clean about sleeping with Fiona
Billy and Ruby (HBO)

'Run' Episode 5's promo introduces Phoebe Waller-Bridge in her cameo and Billy (Domhnall Gleeson) and Ruby (Merritt Wever) also seem to have followed Fiona (Archie Panjabi) after she jumped off the moving train. The promo shows Billy and Ruby walking across a field in search of Fiona and it is then that they chance upon a house that seems dangerous. The abandoned house looks spooky and this episode is probably the beginning of how the show turns from a comedy into a thriller. To stress this, Billy even tells Ruby that it now seems as if they have stepped onto something that they cannot return from.

If that wasn't scary enough, the two also seem lost at an unknown place without their bag of money. So they go around searching for the nearest station and that is when they see Phoebe Waller-Bridge digging. Ruby asks her where the nearest station is and all of it looks way too creepy. But then, can Ruby and Billy do anything at all now that they do not even have the money? 


To top it all of, Billy also comes clean to Ruby about how he had at some point slept with Fiona. Ruby looks extremely disturbed and disgusted. In answer to this, Billy says that the two of them have worked together for over seven years now so he feels that it would have been rude to not sleep with her. It is hilarious how much Fiona is transforming from a stalking ex-business partner to a psycho ex-girlfriend. 

Now that we also know how Fiona was the one who deleted the first "run" message that Ruby had sent while she had cold feet on the day of her wedding, a lot about her intentions make sense now. Why did she have to fake a friendship with Ruby? She had to do so to try and convince her to leave Billy so that Fiona would be the one to pick the broken pieces of Billy's heart. 

When she sees that it might not work, she tries to bring a drift between Billy and Ruby by telling her that Billy would never be totally honest with her. She is right, seeing as how Billy ends up "confessing" more truth with every episode. First, it was about him having a meltdown on stage. Then, it was about Fiona. Following this, we learned about his as***le behavior towards guests who had attended his sessions. Now, in the promo, he confesses to sleeping with Fiona. So at this point, we cannot wait to see what else Billy has hidden in his proverbial closet. 

New episodes of 'Run' will air on Sundays on HBO.

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