Run BTS: Members hide K-pop items as game of betrayal begins, giant Jungkook and Taetae bear melt ARMY hearts

Run BTS: Members hide K-pop items as game of betrayal begins, giant Jungkook and Taetae bear melt ARMY hearts
Run BTS teases a game of betrayal for the next episode as Taetae bear and Giant Jungkook melt ARMY hearts (Weverse)

Run BTS definitely has the name and fame for being the biggest game show of betrayal where the Grammy-nominated K-pop septet has previously proved to serve the biggest twists when it comes to following a mission. Run BTS preview of episode 135 proves that it will be another epic game of hiding, where BTS would try to keep one K-pop item secretly away from other members' knowledge, as each K-pop star tries to find others' valuables.

While the next episode promises a solid game of twists, episode 134 proved to be a treat for the ‘Giant Jungkook’ fans. With Run BTS editors being a little ‘extra’ as fans put it, Jungkook managed to flawlessly execute a step with Yoongi on his palms as the editors had to ensure to edit Suga in more than one scene.


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Giant Jungkook is back with tiny Yoongi on Run BTS (Weverse)

Giant Jungkook and Taetae bear

While the fandom of BTS V aka Kim Taehyung is still quite divided in the bear versus tiger agenda, Run BTS editors have taken their stance clearly and it is Taetae bear all the way. After Big Hit’s new promotional video for HYBE, giant Jungkook makes a comeback and BTS ARMY approves of the over-the-top editing for the variety game show which will surely be remembered as the most chaotic one in history. A fan said, "Giant jungkook and tiny yoongi. run bts never disappoint us!" Another fan said, "Run BTS Ep. 134 Can we take a moment and appreciate BigHit editors! I mean thank you for giving us Giant Jungkook!"  





Taetae as Tiger or Bear? Run BTS editors are clearly taking their side (Weverse)

Taetae bear enthusiasts are happy to get the BTS editors on board as a fan said, "Run bts editors confirming us once again that taetae is a bear!" Another summarized the episode saying, "RUN BTS editor are the best editor in the world they literally use yoongi as a meme even the editor also missed yoongi. and they also think that taetae is still our baby bear and then here comes our superhero jungkook!"




Is Jin the new dance team leader?

Jin is clearly the new king of choreography (Weverse)

Jin also redeemed his choreographic chops as the oldest vocalist of the group guesses the choreography within seconds and Jimin suggests that it is time for J-hope to officially step down and give Jin the new team lead as the 'Moon' crooner obviously shares the passion to learn choreographies with minute details. A fan said, "Bangtan Dance Leader" "Jin your choreography knowledge us out of this world" Jin answers so many choreography questions correct next week too. We always knew Seokjin is the dance king!"



While Run BTS episode 134 was fairly innocent, ARMY knows that the next episode will bring out that iconic and chaotioc game of betrayals that Run BTS is so famous for. Catch the preview below.




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