Rudy Giuliani's daughter Caroline lists self-care tips to help 'Trumpworld' accept loss: 'Avoid dyes and lying'

The Democrat supporter advised her father to 'avoid charcoal products or anything with artificial dyes', recalling the infamous press conference of November 19

                            Rudy Giuliani's daughter Caroline lists self-care tips to help 'Trumpworld' accept loss: 'Avoid dyes and lying'
Rudy Giuliani and Caroline Giuliani (Getty Images)

Caroline Giuliani, the daughter of Rudy Giuliani who shares little similarity in thought with her father, has come up with some “self-care tips” for the latter to cope with the defeat of President Donald Trump. The senior Giuliani, who is Trump’s personal attorney and a party to the Republican’s fight in challenging the results of the November 3 elections, faced a major embarrassment at a press conference on November 19 when profuse sweating made his hair dye run down his face. His daughter, Carolina, 31, came up with how to prevent that as well.

Last week, Caroline, a filmmaker, writer and political activist who backs the Democrats, wrote a piece for Vanity Fair titled: ‘ATTENTION, TRUMPWORLD: SELF-CARE TIPS FOR ACCEPTING THE REALITY THAT TRUMP LOST’. One of the tips that she gave in that article is: “Avoid charcoal products or anything with artificial dyes, which may result in your face oozing as you make false claims of voter fraud in Philadelphia, for example.” She also took a strong dig at Trump by saying: “Please note that whining, lying, and grabbing women by the p**** are not skills.” Caroline is one of the two children that Rudy has with his second wife Donna Hanover (married 1984, divorced 2002). 

Rudy Giuliani, with streaks of what appeared to be his hair dye running down his face, speaks to the press about various lawsuits related to the 2020 election, inside the Republican National Committee headquarters on November 19, 2020 in Washington, DC. (Getty Images)

Rudy, 76, has repeatedly claimed that the Democrats stole the election from Trump by misusing the mail-in ballot system which was promoted because of the widespread pandemic. 

The veteran lawyer’s efforts to overturn the election results have not only failed to achieve desired results but also left Trump and his campaign team unhappy. The Washington Post reported on Sunday, November 29, that lawyers working for the Trump campaign said Giuliani seemed “deranged” and lacked preparation to overturn the election results. It also said that a rift has grown in the campaign’s legal team. The turn for the worse reportedly came in the November 13 defeat in the 3rd District US Court of Appeals in Pennsylvania, where a judge trashed the president’s campaign’s bid to exclude thousands of mail-in ballots. While some of the campaign’s key attorneys started distancing themselves from the campaign’s efforts to overturn the results, Giuliani, who reportedly asked the president’s campaign to pay him $20,000 a day for the legal work, continued to accomplish the task that only looked improbable. 

In October, Caroline asked everyone to vote for Biden, Harris

The Harvard-educated Caroline, who claimed in another piece penned for Vanity Fair in October that she is “multiverses apart” from her father -- politically and otherwise -- said her vote was for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, also added in her latest advice for the ‘Trumpworld’: “Take stock of your failures. Only sociopathic narcissists have delusions of grandeur, blaming others for their failings, often with tragic consequences.”

“And you’re not a sociopathic narcissist, right?” she asked. 

Caroline also slammed the now infamous press conference that Trump’s team held at a local garden center in Pennsylvania, a crucial state that the incumbent president lost. “For outdoor architectural projects, I recommend Four Seasons Total Landscaping. (Get a jump on your holiday shopping at the literary establishment next door.),” she said, adding: “This is not a sponsored ad. But it could be! Call me, Fantasy Island.”

Rudy Giuliani with President Donald Trump (Getty Images)

Carolina called her father the “president’s personal bulldog” in her October piece in Vanity Fair and speaking to MSNBC, she said she tried escaping from her father’s career in politics throughout her life and accused the latter for adding to Trump’s “echo chamber of lies”. 

“If being the daughter of a polarizing mayor who became the president's personal bulldog has taught me anything, it is that corruption starts with 'yes-men' and women,” Caroline wrote in the October piece. Rudy was the mayor of New York City between 1994 and 2001. In her latest write-up, Caroline also seemed to take a dig at Giuliani’s role in the new 'Borat' film in which he was filmed reclining on a bed and appearing to put his hands into his pants. 

“Sexual self-care is critical if you don’t want to end up in the crematorium across the street,” she said.