Does Rudy Giuliani have Covid-19? Trump lawyer coughs as he slams Biden's mask, Internet says 'test him again'

Does Rudy Giuliani have Covid-19? Trump lawyer coughs as he slams Biden's mask, Internet says 'test him again'
Rudy Giuliani (Getty Images)

“Irony is wasted on the stupid,” Oscar Wilde once said. Well, it holds true in the case of President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who made an appearance on Fox News Monday, October 5, 2020 night. Attacking the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for consistently wearing a mask, he said it was a “political statement” meant to “scare” people.

Ironically, Giuliani — who was earlier tested negative for Covid-19 — was seen coughing and feeling dizzy through the entire interview. When the former New York City mayor was asked by anchor Martha MacCallum if he had taken the coronavirus test, he responded, “I did. I actually got one about two hours ago,” adding, “I haven’t gotten the results yet. I went to NYU. I got one of those all the way in the back of the nose tests.”

The clips soon went viral on Twitter and many Internet users couldn't stop wondering if he had the virus too. "I’m watching Rudy Giuliani on Fox News and he has already coughed three times while arguing against closing schools," one tweet read and collected over 3,000 likes on Twitter. Another Twitter user shared a clip of him coughing and feeling dizzy. No sooner did the video go viral, people were alarmed at the sight of his health. "He looks pretty bad," one said and another posted, "Wow, that’s alarming."





One Twitter user went on to post, "Rudy was with Trump and Christie for the debate prep...better test him again." Another chimed in, "He already knows he is positive. At one point he was mocking Joe for masks and he said 'I haven't worn one as much as I should had'." A third wrote, "I noticed on an earlier rudy interview that he seemed low key and lethargic....thought maybe he was just concerned about “the leader”..... missed his “coughing” interview you referenced....since Covid is just a hoax, there couldn’t be anything wrong with Rudy...."




However, it didn't stop Giuliani from taking regular swipes at Biden. “It isn’t science to be wearing that mask, Joe, when you are giving a speech and people are 30-40 feet away from you,” he said. “The only thing you can infect is the teleprompter that’s near you. So, I see through you. That’s a political statement to scare people, wearing that mask. You do not need that mask when you are standing at a podium.”

As the interview came to a close, Giuliani loudly coughed at least three times and even MacCallum was concerned about his health. “I hope that cough is not anything bad while you are waiting for your test to come back,” she said. “We hope you will be healthy and well.” Responding to that with a cackle, Giuliani said, “I hope so, too. I will let you know tomorrow.”

Well, only time will tell if he has been infected with the virus or not, but until then we can only hope he feels better.

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