Rudy Giuliani jokes dark brown gunk dripping from head were 'brains', says he used a 'rag' to stuff it all back

'So, he really does have sh** for brains?' a user commented

                            Rudy Giuliani jokes dark brown gunk dripping from head were 'brains', says he used a 'rag' to stuff it all back
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President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani poked fun at the dark brown goo running from his hairline to his jaw during a recent press conference. He said that they were "brains" and he used a "rag" to stuff it back into his skull. On November 19, Giuliani had spoken to reporters from headquarters of the Republican National Committee in Washington about the Trump campaign's lawsuits alleging election fraud during the 2020 presidential election. 

As Giuliani had pushed unverified and unsubstantiated claims of a rigged election, reporters noticed that his sweat had begun to drop in color. There was then a stream of dark liquid on Giuliani's face which soon became hard to ignore towards the end of his statement. Many began to speculate as to what the substance could have been. 

Rudy Giuliani speaks to the press about various lawsuits related to the 2020 election, inside the Republican National Committee headquarters on November 19, 2020 in Washington, DC (Getty Images)

While speaking on a radio show this week, Giuliani responded to Canadian comedian Chris James and said, "Oh my God, it was some of my brains, it was some of my brains. I was thinking so hard, God it was like—this was a very rough press conference, gotta get everything across, gotta think really hard."

He further added how he used a 'rag' to put his brain back in and that his doctor told him that when he did that, it "rejuvenated my brainpower." After the pictures of Giuliani went viral from the news conference, many commentators took to social media to discuss the drip and speculated that it had been a result of a bad hair dye job. 

Many social media users commented on Giuliani's recent comments about the dark brown gunk that was dripping from his hairline. One such user shared, "So, he really does have sh** for brains?" Another commented, "It looks like shit, This idiot of a man is so full of shit, he's got shit for brains & it began to leak."

"There was too much goo for that to be true; his brain isn't that big," yet another user commented. 




Another user chimed in, "Good LORD man you are crazy You had a meeting where your hair goo was running down your face. You DESTROYED the man who was the Mayor during 9/11. You will be in the history books for sure just not how you want to be remembered along with the toddler in the WH."

Yet another who echoed the same sentiments added, "Sure is. Fuck you, @RudyGiuliani You are the laughing stock of all good people. Anyone who can stand and pretend to run a fraud case with brown goo running down his face has no place to judge the “sound mind” of anyone. Literally, I hate you. Seeing you crumble makes me smile."



The creative color director at the Drawing Room Mirko Vergani spoke to The Times that Giuliani's dark face drip seemed to be the result of makeup or a touch-up pen which was used to blend in his sideburns. He said, "Sideburns are more gray than the rest of the head. You can apply mascara to touch the gray side up a bit so it looks more natural." "In the picture, it looks really heavy. I'm sure they put too much product and that's why it started to bleed," he added.

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