RuPaul’s Drag Race: From mismatched colors to bacon dress, here are top 5 worst looks on the queen’s runway

RuPaul’s Drag Race: From mismatched colors to bacon dress, here are top 5 worst looks on the queen’s runway

The world of drag is larger than life, and a drag queen’s closet and makeup are to die for. RuPaul’s runway looks like another passage to Met Gala, and the costumes our queens sew and hot glue together at a moment’s notice mostly turned out to be awesome if not breath-taking. However, there were some slips and accidents here and there which turned the outfits into a disaster.

Let's find out the 10 worst runway looks on RuPaul’s drag race.


Country Realness, Season 2

Mystique Summers Madison's purple top was a fatal error (Netflix)


In the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, contestants were asked to prepare costumes for the theme ‘Country Realness’. Mystique Summers Madison showed up in over-the-top make-up and a basic blouse paired with a basic pair of trousers. Now, anywhere else being basic might mean being safe but on RuPaul’s runway, it was an eyesore. While the other queens spent hours stitching and putting together an outfit that represents countryside and its culture, the season’s only queen, representing "big girls", thought it would be a good idea to show up in a purple sleeveless blouse with black detailing and a regular pair of black trousers. It looked like the outfit could have been bought from Target. Not to mention, Mystique made the fatal error of wearing the same top on the runway and in the challenge. The look sent her packing home after she landed in bottom two and had to lip sync for her life against the legendary Raven.


Death Becomes Her, Season 7

Keneedy Davenport did not rise from the ashes in this outfit (Netflix)


For the runway challenge, Kennedy Davenport decided to wear an uneven orange jumpsuit, adorned with feathers and blood like solid red stains all over ther garment. During the season’s untucked, she explained that even though the idea behind her dress was unique, nobody understood the concept clearly. She said it was as if “a pimp gutted a hooker” and burned her alive but instead of dying, she crystallised. She said, “You know I didn’t die, I crystallised, and now I’m a glamazon b**ch ready for the runway.” It may be a very high-concept outfit, but you know a joke is no good if you have to explain it.


Apocalypse Couture, Season 4

Mismatched colours and too much materials on Jiggly Caliente's outfit was a bad decision (Netflix)


Jiggly Caliente’s run certainly got off on an apocalyptic start and not in a good way. The very first challenge of the season was to create an apocalyptic look with materials congregated from garbage. For Jiggly, it unfortunately showed! She threw every single thing she could find in the garbage to the outfit and when the outfit overflowed she carried it on her hand. The final product was an amalgamation of mismatched colours and too much materials. Thankfully, Jiggly’s bubbly personality saved her in the lip sync challenge.


Premiere, Season 6

Judges were not hungry for bacon Kelly Mantle (Netflix)


Kelly Mantle’s bacon dress was probably the most hilarious outfit on the runway after its striking similarity of the material to the meat. A well intentioned use of big fake flower petals to cover the queen’s chest area went terribly wrong after Judge Michelle asked if that was bacon. In an attempt to make an outfit that looks straight out of ‘Downton Abbey’, Kelly’s dress went horribly wrong after it resembled uncooked breakfast meat. Later in the season’s finale she was able to laugh at her own mistakes saying, “it surprised me that the judges were not hungry for my bacon”.


Black and white, Season 6

Laganja Estranja decided to spot a black mohawk and silver spotted lips and see-through pants and black underwear (Netflix)


Laganja Estranja was one of the loudest and boldest personalities of the season and it reflected in her outfits. For the seventh episode of the season, the runway theme was pretty simple, ‘Black and White’. You can’t go wrong with such a theme as these are the two most perfect colours. The queen decided to spot a black mohawk and silver spotted lips and see-through pants and black underwear. Oh! And a train with the pants running down her waist. She had white cloves with skeletal bone structure drawn on it in black and a white crop top with multiple beaded and crystal chains around her neck. There were a lot of concepts, all of which were murdered.


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