'RuPaul's Drag Race': Blair should've been eliminated and not Alexis, say fans as they slam show as 'racist'

'RuPaul's Drag Race': Blair should've been eliminated and not Alexis, say fans as they slam show as 'racist'
Alexis Mateo, Blair St Clair (VH1)

Alexis Mateo has been eliminated from 'RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars' Season 5 and fans are nothing short of disappointed. She may not have won challenges but has been a consistent performer in the five weeks that she was in the competition. Most of the viewers are of the opinion that she has been robbed of her position on the show. 

It's heartbreaking to see someone go who had made plans to win. In a chat with MEA WorldWide, Alexis revealed what she would do if she were crowned the queen. "I would call my mom in Puerto Rico. She is a cancer survivor and I would love for her to be the first person to know that I won," she had said.

Meanwhile, fans cannot stop obsessing about how unfair the exit was and wished Blair St Clair was sent home instead. "Well. #AllStars5 is over yall. Alexis went home. OVER BLAIR???? Lol k bye. I'll stick to #CanadasDragRace cuz #AllStars is a joke," a fan commented, while another shared: "@AlexisMateo79 has been slaying it this season and definitely deserved to be top 4. Seems to be yet another mediocre season of #allstars5! #rupaulsdragrace #RuPaulsDragRaceAllStars."

"Alexis came with THE looks this season and made us laugh every chance she got this is so bogus #RuPaulsDragRaceAllStars," a viewer expressed. Another user was sure it was racism that put Alexis out of the show: "Not my sis Alexis. Racism is what I call it!!! #RuPaulsDragRaceAllStars."

An emotional user listed instances which were indicative of how deserving and talented Alexis was and Blair wasn't. "B***h I'm so f***ing heartbroken right nowwww!!! If based on overall performance on the competition, Alexis did a great job on Snatch Game and Blair didn't. Alexis did more creative on this week's challenge than Blair. Ughhh I'm so disappointed  #AllStars5," the user further elaborated. "I LOVE alexis she killed every single challenge. If this was the as2 format she would’ve had two/three wins #AllStars5," a fan blamed the rules, which have been quite the horror this season. 

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