'RuPaul's Drag Race': Mayhem says she was arrested in drag and stripped naked as cops laughed and took her photo

Mayhem Miller was eliminated but not before she could share secrets from a dark, troubled past

                            'RuPaul's Drag Race': Mayhem says she was arrested in drag and stripped naked as cops laughed and took her photo
Mayhem Miller (Getty Images)

Opening up is a challenge people fail to ace most of the time. But Mayhem Miller mastered the art of sharing her deepest secrets with the queens in this week's episode of 'RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars'.

As the ladies were doing their makeup, Mayhem started a conversation about her past and said she was arrested a couple of times and served time owing to two DUIs she was charged with. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. She was taken into custody in drag and stripped naked. One of the cops even took a photo of her while she stood there naked and he even laughed at her.  It was traumatizing, to say the least, but she along with the queens are glad that it's all out now and can be discussed openly. 

During her green-room interview, Mayhem even cried as she recalled her dark past. But that was not enough to save her from some fierce comments from the judges, especially Carson Kressley. He came down hard on Mayhem's SheMZ act (a comedy sketch where the queens were tasked to play victims of made-up rumors). She was paired with India Ferrah. Both of their acts fell flat, especially Mayhem's, who the judges thought took time to get to the point. She dragged on for a long time before she could perform the defining moment of her skit, which cost her a spot on the show. Mayhem was eliminated by Miz Cracker, who had won the main challenge and tied the lip-sync battle with returning queen Morgan McMichaels.

But fans are complaining because they thought Mayhem was the weakest link this week. "Why is Mayhem so basic on the runway? 2 weeks in a row," a fan asked, while another shared: "Meh-hem Filler FINALLY left damn it that s**t took too long." Another said, "Mayhem calm your heels. Don’t come for my Carson, he was trying to help you. I love your talent, but you are the weakest link tonight. #AllStars5 #rupaulsdragrace." One user tweeted, "Mayhem looked cute but her outfits really are lackluster for an all stars season #rupaulsdragrace." 

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